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Linux support of ippsVLCDecodeOne


I have a Windows application developed a while ago using the Intel IPP 7. One of the function that it uses is ippsVLCDecodeOne(). Now I am trying to port that code to Linux. I downloaded and installed the latest Composer XE 2015 for C++ Linux Update 3, but I am not able to find that function.

Can you tell me if that function is not supported in Linux?

FFT 16bits


I try to change the exemple found on

To use 16 bits instead of 32, but I have linking problems:

icc fftIPP_16.c -o fftIPP_16 -L/opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.3.187/ipp/../compiler/lib -lm -lippcore -lipps -lippi

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:

  "_ippsDFTFwd_CToC_16sc", referenced from:

      _main in iccGavA8K.o

Effect of disable FTZ mode.

In this link :

The effect describe as this sentence: "This bit doesn't affect correctness of IPP functions, in some rare cases it can affect performance only."


1. Correctness of calculation

When program disables FTZ mode, this mode doesn't affect correctness of IPP functions.
However, is correctness of other functions of Intel affected? (Ex: SIMD)



Hi. Can anybody help me with this problem. I have 2 images src1 and src2 of Mat type.

I want to use ippiConv to convolve but there was a problem of accessing memory.

Here is my code

    Mat src1, src2, dest;

IPP 7.0


We purchased the IPP SDK from Intel about 3 years ago and built a direct show filter to use the SDK to decode H264 video. We use the SDK as a static library. Our decoder filter is based on the w_ipp-samples_p_7.0.5.059 sample from Intel.

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