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Intel(R) TBB 4.2 update 3 is released and available for download

Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 4.2 Update 2):

  • Added support for Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2013.
  • Improved Microsoft* PPL-compatible form of parallel_for for better support of auto-vectorization.
  • Added a new example for cancellation and reset in the flow graph: Kohonen self-organizing map (examples/graph/som).
  • Various improvements in source code, tests, and makefiles.

Bugs fixed:

PPL Compatibility

Classes critical_section and reader_writer_lock exist for compatibility with the Microsoft Parallel Patterns Library (PPL). They do not follow all of the conventions of other mutexes in Intel® Threading Building Blocks.

Task Scheduler

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) provides a task scheduler, which is the engine that drives the algorithm templates and task groups. You may also call it directly. Using tasks is often simpler and more efficient than using threads, because the task scheduler takes care of a lot of details.

Enabling a Community Preview Feature

A Community Preview feature may be defined completely in header files or it may require some additional support defined in a library.

For a CP feature that is contained completely in header files, a feature-specific macro must be defined before inclusion of the header files.


 #include "tbb/foo.h"

If a CP feature requires support from a library, then an additional library must be linked with the application.

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