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Pure virtual functional call

Hi. We are using QSV h.264 decoder in our product to decode several streams simultaneously (in joined sessions).

At some point, message box pops up which says "R6025 - pure virtual functional call" when inside MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeFrameAsync call.

This happens with libmfxhw64.dll file version Is this a known issue and how it can be avoided?

Quicksync doesn't work in 64-bit on some computers (Windows N + HD 3000)

Hi. We find that QuickSync does not work in 64-bit on computer with Windows N and Intel HD 3000 graphics card. We investigated this issue and find following.

1. 32-bit and 64-bit hardware dlls present and located in same folder.

2. Quicksync works in 32-bit application but in 64-bit application it does not work.

3. MFXInit function call fails in 64-bit with MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED error code, I tried also automatic detection.

Analyzer tool logs for 32-bit and 64-bit attached.

Is it efficient: Copy decoded video frame into OpenGL by OpenCL kernel?


I integrated Intel QuickSync with Intel MediaSDK into a product, which uses OpenGL for video displaying.

My integration receives frame data into system memory.

While benchmarking I encountered, that decoding  into Direct3D memory is much faster.

So, I imagine, that QuickSync decodes frame into Direct3D, and then copies it (probably via DMA) into system memory.

So, in my system, each decoded frame happens double copying of frame data from GPU memory to System memory and back.

Encoding frames with large amounts of small text/lines

We're interested in configuring Intel hardware h.264 encoding in a way which is more optimized for video containing lots of tiny repetitive lines/characters, such as entire pages of small text or finely-spaced grids. I recognize this is not an ideal case for compressed video, but since x264 seems to be able to produce entirely acceptable video of this sort of content, hopefully there is a way to get Media SDK to do the same.

Installing linux NVIDIA drivers after SDK


I'm having troubles installing the NVIDIA proprietary drivers after installing the media SDK with patched DKM.

system: ubuntu 12.04, kernel 3.8.0-23-generic

mediaSDK: 2014 linux servers

Install of media sdk works fine, i followed the instructions including removing libdrm. After reboot the patched modules load correctly, but the nvidia module doesn't load and can't be modprobed, attempting to reinstall results in error, among stated possible reasons is building against an incorrect or badly configured kernel. The last entries from the install log are

set maximum size of NALU

Hi all,

   I am developing my application using intel h264 encoder. I want to limit the maximum size of NALU,but i can not find the relevant parameters in the SDK.  Is there any solution to limit the size of NALU?

I am using Intel Media SDK 2014 Client and use hardware encoder implementation.


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