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Shake Rattle and Roll Testing: Jinx 1.2 from Corensic

There is an interesting software test system with very interesting technology and people, that is worth taking a look at IMHO. And today they are announcing JINX 1.2, with the additional of support for AVX among their new features.

I was a little "slow" in figuring out what all the fuss was about when I first met them more than a year ago. They like to play up their product as "testing" your code by making it "unlucky." Makes for cool marketing and a funny product name.

Intel® Parallel Studio Ships For Multi-core Software 

Today, Intel began shipping Intel® Parallel Studio, a suite of development tools for C/C++ developers using Microsoft® Visual Studio. The product suite, which includes Intel Parallel Composer, Intel Parallel Inspector, and Intel Parallel Amplifier, enable
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  • TBB 3.0 and processor affinity

    A week ago I started telling about a couple of new helpful features in the TBB 3.0 Update 4 task scheduler, and we talked about the support for processor groups – an extension of Win32 API available in 64-bit edition of Windows 7. The main purpose of processor groups is to extend Win32 capabilities to allow applications work with more than 64 logical CPUs.

    TBB 3.0, high end many-cores, and Windows processor groups

    Though I wrote my previous TBB task scheduler blog just a few days after TBB 3.0 Update 4 had been released, I ignored that remarkable event, and instead delved into more than two year old past. So today I’m going to redeem that slight, and talk about a couple of small but quite useful improvements in the TBB scheduler behavior made in the aforementioned update.

    TBB scheduler clandestine evolution

    Though Intel® Threading Building Blocks 3.0 Update 4 that introduces a concept of Community Preview feature has just been released, my today's blog will be about something that happened quite long time ago. One of the recent posts on the TBB forum attracted my attention to the issue of information rapidly becoming obsolete.

    Intel® Parallel Studio和Intel® Parallel Studio XE特性比较

    英特尔公司发布了两款面向并行软件开发的软件产品,他们是Intel® Parallel Studio和Intel® Parallel Studio XE。为了方便比较这两款软件的特点,现将它们的特性罗列如下:
    Intel® Parallel Studio是一款基于MS Window系统,面向Microsoft Visuall Studio™ C/C++开发人员的高性能的并行开发工具集;
    Intel® Parallel Studio XE是一款同时面向Window*和Linux*平台,既支持C/C++开发语言又支持Fortran开发语言的更高性能的并行开发工具集。
    Intel® Parallel Studio里,包含以下开发工具:
    Intel® Threaded Performance Libraries(Intel® IPP)软件库
    Intel® Threaded Libraries(Intel® TBB, Intel® ArBB)软件库

    Assine o Intel® Parallel Studio