Avoid frequency drop in GPU cores when executing applications in Heterogeneous mode


Intel(R) C++ Compiler 15.0 provides a feature which enables offloading general purpose compute kernels to processor graphics. This feature enables the processor graphics silicon area for general purpose computing. The key idea is to utilize the compute power of both CPU cores and GPU execution units in tandem for better utilization of available compute power.

Target OS requirements:

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  • Microsoft Windows* 8
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  • MFX_ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_VIDEO_PARAM with MPEG2 Encoding and low Bitrate

    I experience an error:


    while calling <MFXVideoENCODE_Init> if mfx.TargetKbps is below a certain value. Settings are appropriate for regular DVD Video PAL, MPEG2.

    Values for TargetKbps above 0x0120 (means ca. 4500 MBit/sec Video) give MFX_ERROR_NONE, values below result in the error code above.

    Is this a bug or do I have change other settings as well?

    Graphics Performance Analyzers: Analyzing Windows* Applications Running on 32-bit Target Systems

    Graphics Performance Analyzers are tools for graphics analysis and optimization that can help you make games and other graphics-intensive applications run even faster. In general, direct installation of Graphics Performance Analyzers on 32-bit Windows* systems is not supported. However, if you need to analyze an application on a 32-bit Windows* target system, you can use the following workaround:

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  • Ipp Resample error while editing the video in provided sample of android media for mobile project

    Hi ,

    I m using the Media for mobile sample project for android. where  i m trying to cut,join existing video on android device through this sample app

    but sample app always giving could not load library ipp resample error on device.

    Please let me why this problem ocuuring in sample provided with starter edition.






    the CPU occupancy rate



        I have a problem,it seem impossible.

        this is my function.  but the CPU occupancy rate is same as soft decode,sometimes higher. 

        The other parts are same, just one use soft decode, the other use mfx . the frame rate is same. the decode image is right.

       Is the function bellow wrong? 


    BOOL CIntelDecode::DecodeInputData(BYTE *pData , int size)
            mfxStatus sts = MFX_ERR_NONE;
            mfxSyncPoint syncp;
            mfxFrameSurface1* pmfxOutSurface;

    INTEL NDE Media For Android : Lost frames and broken parameters


    I am making an application on android that needs to be able to cut 1 second out of a video and store it on the device as a separate video file.
    So if I have a video of 10 seconds it would turn into 10 videos of 1 second.

    I am using the "Intel INDE Media for Mobile Library" on eclipse to achieve this.

    I ran into the following problem while using the library : 

    New drivers for Haswell, v4156, new API v1.14


    I've just installed new Haswell drivers v4156 and a new API v1.14 appeared.

    Is it a bug or real ? How could I find more info/documentation about the new API and the new features added ?

    And a more general question is how could someone find info about new API versions added by drivers and not by MediaSDK itself ?


    Media Server Studio Generic installation

    I am wanting to trial the Media Server Studio on Ubuntu.  I am aware this isn't now supported in the 2015 SDK but I have read that I can use the Generic installation to install the Media Server Studio on Ubuntu.  I ran the script to install the generic installation with no errors and rebooted.  I then went on to build the samples with no problem.  The problem I have is that the samples don't work.

    Trying the sample_decode_drm I get the following:

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