How to run Media SDK samples on Skylake

In the last few days, we have seen lot of concern for using Intel® Media 2016 on 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors (codename Skylake) from the customers. We wanted to explain how one can still install the latest Media SDK 2016 package and use it on 6th generation Intel Core processor and below are the steps which shows how one can run basic encode/decode test to start with -

Intel TBB 4.4 U2 is out!

I'm glad to announce that Intel TBB 4.4 U2 is out! 

Intel TBB 4.4 Update 2


Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 4.4 Update 1):

- Improved interoperability with Intel(R) OpenMP RTL (libiomp) on Linux:
    OpenMP affinity settings do not affect the default number of threads
    used in the task scheduler. Intel(R) C++ Compiler 16.0 Update 1
    or later is required.
- Added a new flow graph example with different implementations of the
    Cholesky Factorization algorithm.

Preview Features:

Calling Python Developers - High performance Python powered by Intel MKL is here!

We are introducing a Technical Preview of Intel® Distribution of Python*, with packages such as NumPy* and SciPy* accelerated using Intel MKL. Python developers can now enjoy much improved performance of many mathematical and linear algebra functions, with up to ~100x speedup in some cases, comparing to the vanilla Python distributions. The technical preview is available for everybody at no cost and includes early access to profiling support in VTune Amplifier.

Freejam 通过用户友好型开发战略培养用户对 Robocraft* 的忠诚度

Using Unity and DirectX, and working in conjunction with Intel, Freejam created an online game—Robocraft—that appeals to players of all ages and works well across a wide range of computing technology. A focus on usability prompted the development team to make different decisions than they might have made if the focus were on appearance. The game was designed to work with older technology and adapt to each player’s computing resources. Optimizations were performed to ensure that these older systems could handle the graphics.
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  • 游戏开发
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  • 1.5 days of “Intel HPC Developers Conference” just before SC15 (in Austin)…November 14-15

    1.5 days of “Intel HPC Developers Conference” just before SC15 (in Austin)…


    http://hpcdevcon.intel.com   <<< everything you need to know about the conference including how to register!

    Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 is now available in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016

    The new version Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 is now available in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 that has launched early this week. If your support license is current you can download and install this at no additional charge from the Intel Registration Center

    You will find some blog postings about some new features and new free tools.

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