Media for Mobile RTMP authentication for Android camera stream to server

We are evaluating the INDE Media for Mobile encoder for a new Android app we are developing. The app streams live from the phone camera to a server. I would like to know if there is a way to use authentication between the camera streaming sample app which I believe uses RTMP streaming and a server (WOWZA in particular).

Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition 2016 installation crash

I was adviced by intel support to post here, strange as it is a installation issue.

< Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition 2016 (Trial) web-install fails (chrashes) at "Loading config_itac.xml". And i am running it as Admin and all that shit. I did try the full version and it also failed the same way. I tried to bypass it by renaming config_itac.xml. But the next xml (config_advisor.xml) generated the same result.

Setup: Windows 10 Pro x64
Intel Core i7 920
VS2013 and VS2015



Installation command line argument for --components

I want to install parallel studio 2016 with parallel_studio_xe_2016_setup.exe with command line.

But i dont want to install fortran component. I only want to install Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Composer Edition for C++ and Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Cluster Edition.


What is the argument to pass for the option --components=?


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Freejam Builds Loyalty for Robocraft* Through a User-Friendly Development Strategy

Using Unity and DirectX, and working in conjunction with Intel, Freejam created an online game—Robocraft—that appeals to players of all ages and works well across a wide range of computing technology. A focus on usability prompted the development team to make different decisions than they might have made if the focus were on appearance. The game was designed to work with older technology and adapt to each player’s computing resources. Optimizations were performed to ensure that these older systems could handle the graphics.
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  • Unity; DirectX; Optimizations graphics. Robocraft; Freejam
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  • Best approach to use the Media Server Studio SDK in my application ?

    Hi, I have some application software that I am trying to optimize its performance by utilizing the Media Server Studio SDK. I have some big-picture questions regarding how to approach this project.

    First, a short explanation of my software. It's a video surveillance program. It monitors multiple channels. Each channel runs in its own thread, and takes an H.264 bitstream as input, so an H.264 decoder is needed for each channel.

    Branch Monitoring

    Hi, I'm Marcus, I'm doing an academic research on branch monitoring using Branch Trace Store capabilities. Currently, i'm trying to implement a BTS monitor on Windows 7/8. I'm facing some challenges on such development and so I ask for any help.
    I made a question on performance forum, but anyone was able to answer me, so I feel free to ask here, since Vtune uses BTS monitoring on Windows.

    undefined symbol in running not in linking of executable linked with a static library (offload model)


    I am trying to run an offload application on Xeon Phi, and I get the following error.

    "On the sink, dlopen() returned NULL. The result of dlerror() is "/var/volatile/tmp/coi_procs/1/205497/load_lib/iccouthqsEw3: undefined symbol: DISTMEM_rank"
    On the remote process, dlopen() failed. The error message sent back from the sink is /var/volatile/tmp/coi_procs/1/205497/load_lib/iccouthqsEw3: undefined symbol: DISTMEM_rank
    offload error: cannot load library to the device 0 (error code 20)"

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