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I am going to run a CFD simulation that the memory usage will be over 100 GB.
I use mkl PARDISO in order to solve the linear system that arises.

Very recently I informed about Intel Phi coprocessor and their capabilities that has.
In order to accelerate the solving, I was wondering if PARDISO incorporates Intel Phi technology internally in order
not to modify my code.

Thank you in advance.

resizing an image by duplicating pixels



I want to resize an image in a particular way that duplicates a pixel vertically and horizontally. For example

source image                       destination image

    1   2                                    1   1   2   2

    3   4                                    1   1   2   2

                                              3   3   4   4

                                              3   3   4   4

Is there an IPP function that can do this?








Problem with upgrade from MKL 10 to 2013

What I used Visual Studio 2010 with MKL 2013 installed to upgrade a complex C#/Fortran solution  from Visual Studio 2008/Intel fortran 10.  When I build the project, I get an error linking the Fortran DLL.   The error is LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _MKL_FREEBUFFERS referenced in function _RUN_CTRL.

What can I do to resolve this error?

No peeled loop on Advisor 2016


On Linux, using Intel Advisor Update 1 (build 435553) and following the tutorial available here : , I don't get any peeled loop even though the OFFSET is set to 16 which makes the array unaligned. The length of the loop is 35 which gives you 4 peeled elements at the beginning which should show up.

Collect locks and waits data failed


I run vtune on linux (redhat 7.1) ,use the gui tool. when I collected the locks and waits type, collection can not continue:

Application sets its own handler for signal 38 that is used for internal needs of the tool.

but other type of analysis works well.

what's the problem and how to fixed it ? I want to collect locks and waits data of my system.

thank you.

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