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what is Memory Bank?

Hi all,

Sorry if I post this question in at a wrong place, I don't know which forum should be...If I was wrong, pls direct me to the appropriate forum.

I would like to know what is Memory Bank, is there any technical document could describe memory bank as detail as possible on Intel site?


thank you!

Problems using std::bind with icc/icpc 14.0.2 and gcc 4.8

I have had a some problems in the past using icc/icpc with gcc 4.8 as described here. It appears that the problem has been partially fixed with the release of 14.0.2 however I am still having problems with std::bind and as a result am unable to compile code that is using a Boost library. This problem has also been reported here. I am running 64-bit Xubuntu 13.10 but that user is running openSUSE 12.3. As a test case consider the code below:


For my Linux applications, I like to embed compiler information into the executables.  For the Intel compiler, the __INTEL_COMPILER and __INTEL_COMPILER_UPDATE pre-processor macros give me what I want.  However, I also like to embed the GNU compatibility information, too.  __GNUC__ and __GNU_MINOR__ give me accurate information, but __GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__, while defined, does not contain the correct value.

Error using compilervars.csh or ippvars.csh - arch: Undefined variable.

Cross posting for the benefit of others. See original thread here:

A defect was reported with the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) 8.1 Initial release ippvars.csh file distributed for Linux* (found under: /opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1/ipp).

Instruction set extensions programming reference, revision 18

In early February, an updated instruction set extensions programming reference, revision 18, has been posted here.

It includes information about:

  • Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) instructions
  • Intel® Secure Hash Algorithm (Intel® SHA) extensions
  • Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX)

For more information about the technologies:

Updated Intel® Software Development Emulator

Hello, we just released version 6.20 of the Intel® Software Development Emulator. It is available here:

It includes:

  • Added support for XSAVEC and CLFLUSHOPT.
  • Disabled TSX CPUID bits when TSX emulation is not requested.
  • Improved disassembly for MPX instructions.
  • Added an option for running chip-check only on the main executable.
  • Added support for -quark (Pentium ISA).
  • Added application debugging for Mac OSX with the lldb debugger.

simple cilk_spawn Segmentation Fault

I'm having difficulty running a simple test case using cilk_spawn.  I'm compiling under gcc 4.9.0 20130520.

The following fib2010.cpp example, executes in 0.028s without cilk and takes 0.376s with cilk as long as I set the number of workers to 1.  If I change the number of workers to any number greater than one, I get a segmentation fault.

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