core dump on Assertion failure


I saw a core dump due to such assertion failure. I start having this failure after integrate some third party libraries into my system. I suspect that third-party library is using some native thread. But still it does not make sense to crash tbb.

I'm using Tbb on fedora20 x86-64.

Assertion block->checkFreePrecond(object) failed on line 2396 of file ../../src/tbbmalloc/frontend.cpp
Detailed description: Possible double free or heap corruption.

My question is: what does this failure mean?


Ubuntu 14.04 TBB Intel Parallel Studio issue


I have a problem considering adding tbb to system variables. I have succesfully installed Intel Parallel Studio and I wanted to compile the example applications with TBB. Therefore, I launched script. After the launch, icc and cilk plus worked correctly (I do not change or quit the terminal in which the script was run)- however, when trying to launch tbb application,   when running make in /tbb/examples/GettingStarte/sub_string_finder, the following error occurs:

fatal error: tbb/parallel_for.h: No such file or directory

how to effectively reduce memory consumption of each compute node in cluster pardiso


I need to use cluster pardiso to solve a big double precision complex symmetric matrix. I set the iparm(40)=0, that means provide the matrix in usual centralized input format: the master MPI process stores all data from matrix A, with rank=0.

First test:

I use two compute nodes(each has 48gb ram). In the phase 33, solve and iterative refinement step, the master node (rank=0) uses 95% of the 48gb ram, the slave node (rank!=0) uses 73% of the 48gb ram.

Second test:

Cannot find bandwidth value in VTune


My CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz.

I choose the Microarchitecture Analysis/Bandwidth and start the testing.

In the Bandwidth viewpoint panel, where is the average Bandwidth?

I put my screen shot in the attachment. I cannot find the bandwidth.


I also use the command line and the result is as follows. The bandwidth is zero. How come?


Elapsed Time:       70.813 
CPU Time:           644.534
Average CPU Usage:  8.906  
CPI Rate:           1.107  

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