options used by -xhost (for use in cross-compilation)

Is there a way to find what compiler options are selected by -xhost? 

Driving the question, we wanted to test builds targeted at Broadwell, but actually built on a SandyBridge (or Nahalem) system

(assuming the latest version (v16?), but answers for earlier version couldn't hurt), linux 64bit

Similar to this (gcc) question:

Memory allocation issues with `cluster_sparse_solver` in MKL 11.3 with distributed matrix input

Calling `cluster_sparse_sovler` with `-DMKL_ILP64`, where the input matrix is distributed with `iparm[39]=2`, produces the following:

*** Error in PARDISO  (     insufficient_memory) error_num= 1                                                                           
*** Error in PARDISO memory allocation: MATCHING_REORDERING_DATA, allocation of 1 bytes failed                                          
total memory wanted here: 75743 kbyte

 There is no effect from the number of nodes used for the MPI job.

How many bytes of instructions removed from LI Cache

Hi, I have an assignment for my computer architecture class. 

I have read intel's Architecture Optimization Manual and still cannot find the answer.I need to know how many bytes of Instructions are removed from the L1 instruction  cache.

Say I run a FFT sequence/pr, it is of say X bytes.

1.Are X bytes, cached as whole in the L1 cache or it is partially cached?

2. Are the X bytes fully(wholly) transmitted to the L2 cache? 

3. Does the same procedure 1 and 2, hold, when FFT program/Sequence is removed?

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