fortran link-error

Hi guys,

im using Intel composer XE 2011-VS 2008 and linked with abaqus 6.10,and the link was tested and working fine,however when i tried to use abaqus cmd line to submit an analysis i got  this error. Anyone has any clue whts the source of  this kinda error??


ifort: command line remark #10279: option '/QxW' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. See '/help deprecated'

Thanks and any help is really appreciated

NAMD segmentation fault when running with mpirun(intel 2015)

I had compiled NAMD 2.10 using intel 2015 compiler suite. I saw the benchmark for intel MIC card , so i am trying to benchmark NAMD with host processor only configuration. Though the following seems to me application related issue , but as i have used intel compilers  , so i have posted this issue here.
Presently i am benchmarking the application on my system (CentOS 6.5 ,Xeon 2670 v3), though i will incrementally add optimization flags as per my architecture.

Dramatic Performance Increase - Intel Hyperthreading


In Task Manager I was able to see in the lower left corner HT stepping:1->2->3 (these numbers were changing in real time while application was executing) This was right next to CPU usage:%, passed time : nn, Physical memory. Application was really aware of Hyperhreading and was utilizing it. After reformat I cannot restore this magic performance boost. 


Intel processor (i3 3220)

Windows 8 Single Language.


Xeon Phi 5110P on Dell Precision T3600 Workstation installation


has anybody successfully installed a Xeon Phi 5110P on a Dell Precision T3600 Workstation?

My card is in a PCIe v3 x16 slot but it doesn’t show up in BIOS or “lspci”. Blue LEDs on the card are blinking irregularly, 6pin and 8pin PCIe power connectors are plugged in (my first error ;-). I flashed the BIOS to revision A14, so that I was able to set the “PCI MMIO Space Size” BIOS Parameter to "Large". I also removed my Nvidia Tesla C2075 from the board, because together they took more power than the system can provide (my second error ;-)

PARDISO generates different results

Dear all,

I use PARDISO to solve a symmetric sparse matrix with size n=400,000 and number of nonzero=1,100,000. When I set the number of thread to one, I can get the same answer every time. But when I set the number of threads higher than 1 and run it many times, the answers become different every time (and never same as the answer by one thread). Are these weird results related to the issues of condition number or something else?

By the way, I have tried both  MKL 11.0.2 and 11.2.3.



Using micnativeloadex, how to use args ?


I am a very beginner with the Intel Phi, and I am trying to do something that is maybe not possible.

I have this binary file called upcDemo

And I run it this way: upcrun -n 12 upcDemo 

(This will run the program on 12 threads)

I have tried many syntax with micnativeloadex...but I got errors, here is what I tried:

Assine o Thread