How to install Vtune Amplifier 2015 vtsspp on MPSS2.1.6720

I'm using mpss_gold_update_3-2.1.6720, with a uos version of

I'm now trying to install the vtune amplifier 2015 on this mpss, so I need sep3_15-k1om- and vtsspp-k1om- But I can find only sep3_15-k1om- and vtsspp-k1om-, but not vtsspp-k1om-

changes in CEAN implications re vectorization in next release?

I note that is open for submissions for the first time in months, so I submitted a ticket.  It still looks like setting up premier for beta 16 has not been completed, as the form requires choosing compiler version 15.0 or earlier from the pull-down.

I'm curious whether Cilk(tm) Plus is under deprecation, in view of the comments at IDF last year that Intel would not sponsor publications on it, and the lack of follow-through to make gcc -fcilkplus viable.

As to changes in behavior in the beta test:

mic stuck at booting state

[root@amax ~]# micctrl -s
mic0: booting (mode: linux image: /lib/firmware/mic/uos.img)
mic1: booting (mode: linux image: /lib/firmware/mic/uos.img)

I have two mic cards, but they just get stuck at booting state, and never be online. No matter I reboot the host or restart the mpss service, it just stayed at this state. Any help please? Thank you very much!

Communication with sampling driver failed

I am trying to do General Exploration analysis, and the following error appears almost immediately after trying to attach to the process,

"Communication with sampling driver failed".

I'm running on Windows 7, on a Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 (2 processors). Doing the Basic Hotspot Analysis went fine. Any ideas - or things I could try?






Converting Mixed C/Fortran from MSV2008 to MSV2012, C2065 errors

I'm in process of converting from Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to MSV2012 for my mixed code, C and FORTRAN application.

The code compiles and executes perfectly for MSV2008 but I receive many, many error messages for the C portion of my code

when I try to compile using MSV2012 wrapper.

The compiler does not like the line:

int _stdcall OPEN_MATLAB(name,ll)

The first couple of error messages are :

1>Source\matlab.c(38): error C2065: 'name' : undeclared identifier

1>Source\matlab.c(38): error C2065: 'll' : undeclared identifier

Getting xilink: : error #10014 on a large VS Solution with /fast

I'm trying to get a very large Visual Studio 2013 solution to compile (100+ big projects).   All of the projects are being compiled with the /fast flag.  After waiting around 20-30 minutes for the solution to compile, the linker chokes with:

xilink: : error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 1)

I can see the RAM usage in Task Manager, increasing very quickly when linker starts running.  It runs up to +2gb, and then drops back to where it was before.  This is on a system running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with 16gb of RAM and an Intel 3770.

Composer XE 2015 Update 3?

When I follow a link for the release notes for Composer XE 2015, there is an entry for Update 3.  Reading the notes there is a date of April 9th in the document.  However, there doesn't seem to be an option to download Update 3, only up to Update 2.  I'm particularly interested in Update 3 because I'm on OS X and accidentally installed Xcode 6.3.  So is Update 3 going to available in the near future?

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