ARM Binary Translation On The Intel x86 Platform - Still Supported?

I haven't had much luck digging up information on the ARM binary translation that Intel provided in earlier versions of Android on x86.

What is/was the last version of Android on x86 from Intel to support ARM binary translation?

Is the capability for ARM binary translation a part of any of the precompiled Android x86 Emulator System Images provided by Intel for development purposes? If not, can it be compiled from the provided source files for the Android x86 Emulator System Images?

Intel® graphics virtualization update

Traditional business models, built on graphics and visualization usages such as workstation remoting, VDI, DaaS, transcoding, media streaming, and on-line gaming, are beginning to draw open source attention, worldwide. Employees are becoming mobile. They want flexibility of working from any device, anywhere, anytime, with any data, without any compromise in the quality due to access, latency or visualization.

现已推出:采用 Google API 的 Android SDK x86 系统映像

如果您使用过 Android SDK,可能会注意到,面向模拟器的英特尔凌动 x86 系统映像已经推出一段时间。如果系统映像无法访问 Google API,您可能会感到非常沮丧。好消息:谷歌发布了面向 Android SDK 的 x86 系统映像,该映像包括 Google API (支持 API 19/Android 4.4.2)。这意味着,现在您可以对使用 x86 虚拟映像上的 Google API 的应用进行测试,如果您的开发系统中包括 Intel VT 虚拟技术,HAXM 驱动程序还可以帮助您大幅提升硬件加速性能。 


Android NDK standalone toolchain and x86-icc


I'm trying to build libpng with x86-icc. I already built it using the x86 standard toolchain from the ndk, but want to use the intel compiler now.

Therefore I try to make a new standalone toolchain with the following command:

$ANDROID_NDK_ROOT/build/tools/  --platform=android-9 --install-dir=$PLATFORM_PREFIX --toolchain=x86-icc --verbose

Wich fails with the following output:

Yoga App icon creation

Hi guys,

I have just started learning more about Intel XDK. I am loving it and Connie Brodie's lesson was brilliant. Unfortunately she is missing just one video on how to release that app on google play, how does one create an icon that’s linked to the whole app. So that when users download and install the app they get the icon automatically?

Thanks Connie your tutorials are the best and very good. Keep it up.

I am also failing to download Andrew's video on 'Deploying apps to google play video please send me a link thanks a lot.

Trouble connecting Atom device via USB


I'm using Beacon Mountain for Windows on Windows 7 SP 1. I installed the Android USB driver for Windows version 1.1.5 which comes with it.  When I connect the cable Windows sees the connection and tries to install driver software but does not install the "Android" device and so I cannot push my app to the device to test it.  (Eclipse does not see the device.)

I have tried removing the device driver, reinstalling it, rebooting in between, just about every combination of hoops that one normally jumps through with this, and nothing is working.

Assine o Virtualização