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Уважаемые читатели и авторы русскоязычных блогов Сообщества Разработчиков Intel, с сентября 2012 года блоги работают на новой площадке - Intel Developer Zone (IDZ), используют новый "движок", дают новые возможности, и, к сожалению,.... новые баги. Так, в течение нескольких недель вместо русскоязычных блогов на соответствующей странице IDZ отображались блоги на английском языке, а RSS-подписчикам однажды даже довелось получить посты на китайском языке. Существуют проблемы и с отображением блогов и с их созданием. Хотя их число постепенно и неуклонно уменьшается, но пока оно больше нуля.

Ultrabook is not working

Last week my Ultrabook device stopped working. It was working and I put it on charging, but after then it didn't start.
Ultrabook shows power on indicator. And battery charging and full indication is also working.

I tried to remove the batter from inside the UB and after some time I reinserted it. When I powered it, the caps lock led and the other led (having '@' sign) started continuous blink. But the UB didn't bootup. I tried to reset the BIOS, by press & hold power key putting it in off mode. But it doesn't boot yet.

Connect a GPRS modem to Intel® Edison

This article tries to explain how to establish a data network (using ppp) by connecting a GPRS shield to the Intel® Edison board. An active T-Mobile SIM is being used in the shield.

Enable PPP in Kernel

Enable PPP in the Kernel and install ppp related packages.

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  • Local Database for windows8


       I am using intel XDK to create app for windows phone. I'm a beginner to this and previously I have worked with cordova (android) in which they support local database.


    1. Do Intel XDK Windows 8 store build supports LOCAL DATABASE ?

    2. On using CORDOVA build in windows 8 desktop, my app got stucked at the index page and it's not navigating to other pages. I'm suspecting that, CORDOVA build works only at mobile and not at windows 8 desktop, is that true ?

    Kindly advice me on the following issues.




    Flip the screen like xrandr -x

    I have a HP computer with an Intel HD Graphics 4400 chipset. I have loaded Ubuntu onto the computer so now it's dual-boot.

    In Ubuntu, I can flip the screen by opening a terminal and entering xrandr -x

    I'm guessing the Ubuntu driver gets the graphics card to flip the screen by writing to a memory location on the card.

    How can I persuade Windows 8 to flip the screen? Where do I start?



    (I found this:

    Graphics driver Posted to Download Center

    Graphics driver has been posted to Download Center. Here are the direct links to the drivers:




    This driver supports the following:

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