XD not supported. HAXM cannot be Installed

Dear Intel Support,

Good day :)

I was really excited to know that intel provides hardware accelerator for emulating android apps. But, when I try to install it on my computer (Windows7 - 64bit) I get following pop-up error.

"This computer does not support Intel Executable Disable Bit (XD) or it is disable in the BIOS. HAXM cannot be installed."

I tried following command at command line and rebooted and then tried re-installing but it failed again.

bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn

Please find my PC config and pop-up error in the attachment. 

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Intel Intrinsic support for Atom Cloverview

Hi Everyone,

I have an application which was designed for inteli 7 using SSE to AVX, now I want the same application to run on Atom Processors.

I was recently browsing net for intrinsic support for Atom cloverview processors. Every where it mentions it support upto SSE3.

But that means it support just upto SSE3 or Supplemantry SSE3 is included in SSE3.

In Intel Atom architecture manual it says that all Atom processors Support Single-instruction multiple-data extensions up to SSE3 and SSSE3. 

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