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How to download the free software development tools for educator

I want the free software development tools for educator. I have submitted the application to request Intel Parallel Studio XE fortran compiler for linux in 12 May. But I have not received an answer until now.

Who can tell me how to download the free software Intel Parallel Studio XE fortran compiler for linux.

Thank you.





Problem with Activation


I am installing the free trial Intel parallel studio XE 2013. In the part of Activation I am having this problem

Step no: 3 of 6 | Activation


If you have purchased this product and have the serial number and a connection

to the internet you can choose to activate the product at this time. Activation

is a secure and anonymous one-time process that verifies your software licensing

rights to use the product. Alternatively, you can choose to evaluate the

FlexLm - Floating License invalid file

Hello, I recently changed the server host / machine id using your website.  I then clicked the EMAIL me the license file.   I took the license file and tried to use on new FlexLm host, but it is giving error "Invalid license file".  Is this because the date in the file is 2015.0113?  Do I need to buy a new license?

Dowloaded the Free 30-day Trial version this morning, but have not received the trial license yet


I applied and downloaded the Intel compiler, and received the email of

"Thank you for request to evaluate Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran and C++ Linux*. Please download your software to begin your 30-day evaluation".

However, until now I have not received any license file. How can I obtain one?

Thanks a lot,


Download Intel Composer XE 2011 after buying Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer

Am I allowed to download Intel Composer XE 2011 for Windows after purchasing Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer for Windows and furthermore, would I be allowed to use the Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer license on the Composer XE 2011 software?

VS 2013 integration NOT

I recently installed MS Visual Studio 2013 Professional (update of VS 2012).

I had, and still have VS 2010 installed. Prior to installing VS 2012&2013 I had installed Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Pro for Fortran and C++. This integrated into VS 2010 without an issue.

Wanting integration into VS 2013, I (re)installed Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 2 Professional for Fortran and C++ Windows.

How to prevent client from using FlEXim License Server

I have a uncounted license configuration running on Linux. I am trying to implement counted license in this environment. I want to migrate to the counted license configuration in phases. However when I start up the license server using the new licenses provided, the uncounted license environment (client) starts using the license manager. How can I run a uncounted license client and a counted license client on the same host and prevent the uncounted client from checking out licenses?



Evaluation License


I have installed Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 2 Composer for project work. I have used an Evaluation License for the setup of the same.
I will be receiving the License File in a few days.

Could you please suggest me if the Compiler will still run all the components without a License File till I activate the same?
If it does work, please suggest the duration till when it can be used without the License File viz; 15 or 30 days.



Missing Student License file for Parallel Studio XE


I applied for a student copy of the Intel Parallel Studio XE software package.  I received the registration email but it only had the serial number.   I then installed the software via the Arch Linux package:


which takes care of everything but the license. I can't use the software without the license.  What should I do?

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