MIC Fortran offload linker issue on windows


I am in the process of migrating a Fortran application for Xeon Phi offload and I had it almost working with the v14 compiler. Compiler issues prevented me from completing the implementation, however, and now I am back to get it fully working with The thing is that the code will now no longer link but simply produces the message: "error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code".

parallel_studio_xe_2015 NOT openmp 4.0 compliance?


The following code does not work as expected:


    !$OMP declare target (GX)
    REAL  GX

SUBROUTINE  test0(n, b)
    INTEGER n, b(n)
    print *,'test0',  b

internal error: backend signals (when compiling an asynchronous offloading program)








I tried to compile the following program on Intel Xeon Phi with icpc 13.0.1. But I failed to compile it. The error message says "": internal error: backend signals" This message tell me no useful information to solve the problem. Could anyone please give me an advice about how can I solve it. I'm thinking about going to buy new intel compiler. Is it compiled successfully in the latest version, such as Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer?

Updated info on virtualized host support?

I'm looking to install a Phi unit in my workstation which is a virtualized machine; it's running Linux / kvm as the hypervisor with multiple Linux and Windows vm's.  The host machine is a current E5 system with full BIOS support for all the current virtualization features / functions, and the host fully supports large BAR addresses.  I would like to use the Phi from both Linux and Windows vm's (not simultaneously).

bootup Phi in Xen/Dom0 failed with kernel crash


I have unusual (and unsupported) config:
- centos 5.10
- kernel 3.10 (patched by citrix - XenServer Creedence Release Candidate)
- xen from git
- mpss-3.4.2 (some *.rpm without dependencies installed), kernel modules rebuilt from mpss-modules-3.4.2-1.src.rpm, libraries and base management compiled from sources (mpss-micmgmt-3.4.2.tar.bz2,mpss-daemon-3.4.2.tar.bz2,mpss-metadata-3.4.2.tar.bz2)

cannot run GDB-MIC


I am unable to debug Xeon Phi code. I am using Intel Parallel Studio 2015 and its debugger. Specifically I am not able to run gdb-mic.

I follow these steps

source intel64

I get following error. "gdb-mic: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".

The missing libraries are found at

performance jpeg on phi


I am new in Phi world. I tested jpeg encoding performance (tested on image 1680x1050, single thread):

14 ms - xeon E5-2620 - libjpeg-turbo with SIMD
39 ms - xeon E5-2620 - libjpeg-turbo without SIMD
24 ms - xeon E5-2620 - intel ijg80b with IPP
42 ms - xeon E5-2620 - intel ijg80b without IPP (#undef USE_IPP)
386 ms - xeon Phi 31S1P - native intel ijg80b with IPP
557 ms - xeon Phi 31S1P - native intel ijg80b without IPP (#undef USE_IPP)
435 ms - xeon Phi 31S1P - native libjpeg-turbo without SIMD

What does __kmp_wait_yield_4 imply in hot spot analysis of vTune


I am rewriting part of LibSVM code for vectorization in order to accelerate it on Xeon Phi. Unfortunately, the performance of my rewriting code is the same as, if not slightly worse than, the original performance on Xeon Phi. To figure out the reason, I profiled two programs using vTune hot spot analysis. According to the results, the target code segment takes significantly less time in the rewriting version, however, most of its time goes to __kmp_wait_yield_4, which only occupies a tiny amount of time in the original version.

ICC non-commercial development

I am doing research on neural networks, and plan to port this to the Xeon Phi. This work is not commercial. I noticed that Intel has a web page for getting tools for non-commercial development:

What is the state of this program, and what opportunities will I have to get ICC to compile my research to run on the Xeon Phi?

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