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Intel感知计算(1)- 简介

Intel感知计算(1- 简介

Intel感知计算通过设备感知和理解用户行为来进行人机交互,它是更加自然的、身临其境的、直觉交互方式。现在Intel感知计算SDK Beta版本已经能够使用,网友可以访问 来下载安装文件,如图1所示:

User Experience and Ultrabook™ App Development

One of the most popular emerging fields today in app development is user experience (UX); basically, the study of how a user actually “feels” when using a system, app, or software.  There are several factors that go into determining user experience, including ergonomics, system performance, utility, human emotions, design, and marketing. UX professionals study and evaluate how users feel about a system or an app by looking at a variety of different factors: ease of use, perception of the value of the system, utility, and how it performs certain tasks.

Building and Simulating an App using the HTML5 Development Environment Beta

The HTML5 section within the Intel Developer Zone was updated just before the US Thanksgiving Holiday to release the new Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta and I tried out a few of the sample apps. It took me about fifteen minutes to get one of the samples packaged into an .apk file and running on my Android tablet.

Perceptual Computing Challenge

At the 2012 Fall Intel(R) Developer Forum,   we announced a new way of computing using natural interfaces, which we named Perceptual Computing. The Beta version of the Perceptual Computing SDK was released which can be downloaded for free.     The current version requires the use of a peripheral camera,  the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera.   But future platforms will integrate the camera into mobile devices like laptops and Ultrabooks.     There's also 

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