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To create Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ we used the Intel XDK and Crosswalk with a couple of open-source javascript libraries.

Panda.js – HTML5 Game Engine
Pixi.js – 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback

Primo Webcast Italiano su Intel Realsense

Il primo Webcast di introduzione alla tecnologia Intel Realsense si e' svolto Lunedi' 15 Settembre 2014 per mano di Massimo Bonanni e mia, in qualita' di Intel Software Innovator per Realsense italiani.

La sessione prevedeva la presentazione delle caratteristiche del nuovo SDK ed alcune demo per vedere il Sistema in Azione in anteprima.

Alla fine e' abbiamo presentato il nuovo Realsense App Challenge 2014, la grande competizione aperta a tutti I developer con un montepremi da capogiro: 1 Milione di DOLLARI!


IdentityMine 公司的 Evan Lang 介绍基于一体机开发的空中曲棍球游戏


1280X720 (89.49 MB)

IdentityMine 公司的 Evan Lang 介绍基于一体机开发的空中曲棍球游戏,包括对便携式一体机所需的应用开发流程所做的特殊更改。

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  • Windows*
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  • Работа с экранной клавиатурой в desktop приложениях

    Поработав некоторое время с Windows 8 на планшете и ультрабуке с сенсорным экраном я столкнулся с одной интересной особенностью. При работе с полями ввода в десктоп приложениях экранная клавиатура не появляется автоматически, приходится каждый раз вызывать ее путем касания ее значка в системном лотке, а потом закрывать нажатие на крестик в правом верхнем углу.

    App require access to the camera?


    i developed my second android app.

    I included the extra DevicePlugin from Featured & Custom Cordova Plugins to be able to use the inappBrowser.

    Without adding that it was not able to open the browser.

    Some users told me that my app needs access to the camera to be installed, but i never told my app in any way to use that function.

    Does anyone have a solution for me or can tell me how to disable it?

    2015 Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest – And the Winners Are:

    The Intel® Level Up contest winners amaze and inspire us every year, and this year’s winners have done it again! Computer game genres are heavily blurred as the winning entries also include a 2D point-and-click horror adventure, a shooter/musical/puzzle mix, and not one but two shooter/tower defense games. Winners include entries from Canada, Russia, Poland, Singapore, Australia, and the United States. Game devs submitted their not-yet-for-sale (on PC or Linux) playable proofs-of-concept, alphas, betas, and unreleased demos for a chance to win cash prizes and ultimately be published on Steam*. So here are the champions!


    What is Google GCM?

    Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a service that enables developers to send data from servers to both Android applications or Chrome apps and extensions.

    What is Apple APNS?

    The Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) is a service created by Apple Inc. that was launched together with iOS 3.0 on June 17, 2009. It forwards notifications of third party applications to the Apple devices; such notifications may include badges, sounds or custom text alerts.

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