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Architecture Pattern: Compute On Demand

There are so many examples of applications using pre-processing strategy that it is trivial. For example using a webcam we often find the device driver doing some software adjustments and corrections such as white balancing. Too often we find devices using software features. Other examples would be in a pipeline and User Interfaces. When it comes to UI we already learned to fill the list when the user clicks the drop-down, so only when the user really wants to use the list we will "pay" for the data.

Use HiBench as a representative proxy for benchmarking Hadoop applications

As any good engineer knows, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” And a representative benchmark suite is the key for measuring any computer systems. That’s exactly why we have constructed HiBench, a Hadoop benchmark suite consisting of both micro-benchmarks and real world applications, including:

How to Enable an Intel® Trusted Execution Technology Capable Server

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) is a collection of hardware-based security technologies built into Intel’s silicon.  They address the security threats across physical and virtual infrastructure by complementing runtime protections like anti-virus software.  Intel TXT is also a hardware-based method of verification in compliance efforts such as trusted computing environment.  Intel TXT is designed to harden platforms from the emerging threats of hypervisor attacks, BIOS, or other firmware attacks, malicious root kit installations, or other software-based attacks.

Ways to Speed up your Cloud Environment and Workload Performance on Intel® Architecture

Setting up a cloud environment is complicated, and it involves multiple elements such as database, network infrastructure, security, etc., (depending on the need).  How do you increase the performance of this environment?  We start small by focusing on one element at a time and try to speed up the process.  In this blog, I will share two popular cloud workloads and some key things that were done to increase their performance, followed by a list of resources that you can reference for more optimization ideas...these different approaches to increase performance, which may trigger creat

Considerations for tuning Your Intel® Xeon Linux*/Apache* Server

In this blog, I will discuss a list of useful Linux commands to run, to tune your system for running the Apache web service, as well as some Apache tuning configuration changes which have shown to improve performance in some of our benchmarks.   In our tests, we used a software benchmark (SPECweb2009) to simulate load, however the analysis and tuning process described here applies to anyone who is trying to get more performance out of their Linux web servers.

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