How can I build custom Android ROM for Dell Venue 8 (3840) with Intel System Studio as indicated in FAQs?


I've downloaded and installed the Intel System Studio 2015 Update 1, and am now trying to build an ROM image for the Dell Venue 8 (model 3840 - Merrifield), and I just don't see any reference to how to build this full OS image. Am I missing something here? Was expecting the System Studio install to include the MDK per the FAQ tab on this page: 

Anyone any ideas what I'm missing?


Intel Android 4.4.4 driver for Windows

The current Intel Android Driver Setup utility 1.1.5 doesn't support KitKat 4.4.4 or higher.  When I connect a dell Venue 8 HD (Latest Version) to a Win7 PC, the device driver is not found.

Is there any other driver I can use, or is there appending update for the Intel Android Driver Setup utility?




get Google Certificate

I have developed the mobile application "MeinFahrtendienstAT" (Package Name: by using Intel XDK, which I also submitted to Google Play Store.

Behause of a very special client request I had to change the mobile app developing plattform, which is a pitty as I really love Intel XDK.
Now when I try to re-submit my app (re-packaged in an other developing tool) to Google I am getting an error about a different certificate, which must be part of my Intel XDK project.

So I need to have the certificate Intel XDK used at the first deployment to Google.

Unfortunately I have no idea to get this on my own. Please can somebody help me?


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