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4th Generation Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Tablet Overview

Introducing the next generation Intel® Atom™ Processor (Code named “Bay Trail”)



Intel has launched its latest Intel® Atom™ processor, code named “Bay Trail”. It is the first Intel Atom processor based on 22-nm technology. This article discusses the key features of the platform like extended battery life, Intel® Gen7 graphics architecture, advanced imaging and video, improved performance, security, and more.

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  • Developing Apps on DirectX* 11 and OpenGL* for Atom™ Processor Based Tablets

    One of the new features on the latest Intel® Atom™ Z3000 (codename Bay Trail) series platform is the integration of Intel® HD Graphics. This provides application developers a great opportunity on a mobile platform to build graphically rich and immersive games and powerful media applications. The platform takes advantage of the same graphics engine that is found on desktops and UltraBooks, with a reduced number of execution units suitable for a mobile platform. One key advantage of using Intel® HD Graphics on a mobile platform is architectural consistency.

    Intel Highlights für Entwickler bei der Developer Week 2013 in Nürnberg

    Die jährliche Developer Week 2013 Konferenz von der Neue Mediengesellschaft Ulm mbH fand vom 24. – 26.Juni 2013 in Nürnberg statt. Bei dieser Konferenz handelt es sich sogar um eine Sammlung unterschiedler Konferenzen. So trifft man auf die Developer Week (kurz DWX) die Web Developer Conference (WDC), Mobile Developer Conference (MDC) und die .NET Developer Conference (DDC) in einer Woche und an einem Ort.

    Создание энергоэффективных приложений Windows * Store для мобильных устройств — влияние CPU на энергопотребление платформы

    Writing Energy-Efficient Windows* Store Applications for Mobile Devices [Eng., PDF 753KB]


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    В настоящее время повсеместно применяются различные мобильные устройства: смартфоны, планшеты, ультрабуки и т. п. Все они работают от аккумуляторов. Время работы от аккумулятора крайне важно для конечных пользователей: всем хочется, чтобы устройство работало без подзарядки как можно дольше.

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  • Windows* Store App Notifications with Live Tiles and Badges

    By Miao Wei and Nathan Totura


    Windows* Store App Notifications with Live Tiles and Badges [PDF 345KB]


    This article discusses how to add live tiles and badges to your Windows Store apps. Live tiles are used to present rich content from your apps even when they are not the active application. Badges similarly give your app yet another way to convey data to the user by allowing status overlaid on the live tile.

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