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Implementing Touch and Sensors for Windows* 8 Desktop Games: Confetti Interactive’s experiences developing "Blackfoot Blade"

The implementation for touch and sensors is new for many PC game vendors. Blackfoot Blade from Confetti Interactive* is a 3rd person helicopter game that takes advantage of the touch and sensor capabilities of Ultrabook™ PCs. This case study shares some interesting findings for what worked and didn’t work.
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  • FINALLY! Wireless HDMI to TV with Intel WiDi on Windows 8 Ultrabooks

     I've been using my 3rd generation Intel core powered Ultrabook and Windows 8 for a few months and it's amazing, however one cool feature has been lacking; WiDi.   WiDi is a display technology that sends HDMI signal to an external display (like a TV) over WiFi. I had tried getting it going in November but with no success, as Windows 8 was so new. 



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