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Fortran -> C Interop w/ Derived Types


Got 2 questions in trying to get Fortran & C TYPES/typdefs working.

First, the typedefs in C;

typedef struct                      /* Polygon vertex structure          */
  double              x;            /* Vertex x component                */
  double              y;            /* vertex y component                */
} gpc_vertex;

Problem passing arguments to a DLL for 32bits but working in 64bits

I am writing intel fortran code  that is going to be compile into two dll, one will be called from excel 32 bits VBA code and the other from excel 64 bits VBA code.

I do not have problems calling and running the dll in 64 bits but I have problem in 32bits. In 32 bits, I have add the sequence statement in my type statement (see below). I am also using the Stdcall convention and the sequence type = Yes(/align:sequence)

Compilation Aborted (code 1) Error


I tried to compile a fortran source code  in Visual studio ultimate 2013 with update 5. I am using a Intel XE parallel studio _update 6 compiler (Free for students) and they are already linked. When I compile for my source code, i get 2 errors. I would be highly helpful if someone could help me out with this.

The source code (basically subroutine) was written in visual studio itself.

I am attaching my build log.

Thanks in Advance!

Calling Fortran from Fortran from C#

I have two cases of calling from C# program A a Fortran subroutine (in a DLL) FBn that itself calls a Fortran subroutine (in that same DLL) FCn.
So: A -> FB1 -> FC1

and the other case:

A -> FB2 -> FC2

FB1 and FB2 each need two DECLs to adjust to the C# calling convention


No problem here. That call works fine. FBn is written by me in F95,
But FB1 calls subroutine FC1 (DSBGVX straight from LAPACK), and FB2 calls FC2 (DPBSVX also LAPACK)

Compiler Settings for link fully static.

I am very sorry to open this topic again, which has been discussed in this forum many times before. Like here:

I am using Visual Studio 2010 Shell with Intel Fortran XE 14.0.2...

This are the Release-Settings:

Runtime Library: Multithreaded

Use Intel Math Kernel Library: Sequential (/Qmkl:sequential)

Format Specifiers in Fortran Project in Visual Studio 2015

I recently upgraded my development environment  from MSVS 2010 with the Intel Fortran 2013 compiler to MSVS 2015 with the Intel 2016 Fortran compiler and was trying to use some functionality to debug my code that doesn't seem to be working with my new setup. Under the old MSVS 2010 environment, if I wanted to view a watch variable with a different format I could use the format specifiers that were built into Visual Studio.

WM_HELP not always working

I have the following code snippet in many dialogs - and most work and call Help.
When stop the code I find WM_HELP is decimal 83 (HEX 53)
In just a few cases WM_HELP is not working and Help is not being called.
I have added some code to see what key is being pressed and is says decimal 260/261,
HEX 104/105 - key up/key down (not HEX 53).
I'm not sure why in most cases it is working, but in a few it is not. Is there any other setting that is not causing it to work?
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