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Unable to decide what to download

Hi and Good Day!

I have an academic serial and I am interested to download some environment where I can make fortran applications. Now when I try to download, I am given four choices of softwares i.e. MPI Library, Integrated Performance Primitives, Math Kernal Library and Thereading Building Block.

Please help me by pointing out which software to download so that I can make applications in Fortran without buying Visual Studio.


Getting error when invoking dummy function when it returns an array

I am trying to invoke an external function through a dummy function name. The error is:

Error    1     error #6634: The shape matching rules of actual arguments and dummy arguments have been violated.   [G]   

the code is:

Module DummyFG

    function DF(DummyF, x,n)
      implicit none
      integer :: n
      real(kind=8) ,intent(in):: x(n)
      real(kind=8) :: DF
      real (kind=8) :: DummyF
      DF = DummyF(x,n)
    end function DF

performance when running one compiled app vs. multiple ones simultaneously

So, this confused the daylights out of me.

I'm running on an Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz, 4 cores x hyperthreaded = 8 cores.

For case 1, I compiled on ifort 2013 SP1 Update 4, as:

      <Tool Name="VFFortranCompilerTool" SuppressStartupBanner="true" MultiProcessorCompilation="true" GenAlternateCodePaths="codeForAVX" IntegerKIND="integerKIND8" RealKIND="realKIND8" LocalSavedScalarsZero="true" FloatingPointExceptionHandling="fpe0" FloatingPointModel="source" FlushDenormalResultsToZero="true" Traceback="true" />

the compiler commander ifort could not be found


I have Parallel Studio XE 2015, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, & Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 installed.  I have been trying to compile fortran using the Windows SDK 7.1 Command Prompt and it keeps giving me the error that the compiler commander ifort could not be found.  I really don't understand what the issue could be, if it is something to do with the software or just the way I have it set up?  I can easily compile C code so I know that works.


Request to support Fortran 2008 inquiry functions of COMPILER_OPTIONS() and COMPILER_VERSION()

I'm wondering whether the inquiry functions of COMPILER_OPTIONS() and COMPILER_VERSION() introduced in Fortran 2008 as part of ISO_FORTRAN_ENV are low-hanging fruit that Intel can grab quickly and support soon in Intel Fortran.  gfortran already supports it.

Some requests for Visual Studio integration enhancements to support the new age of OO Fortran

1. Once you extend a type you can no longer hover over a component to see its value. Adding a watch is time consuming since you need to modify the watch expression to include the full list of extensions back to the base type where the component was declared.

Is it hard to make VS see derived type components the same way the compiler does ? I realize I have asked this before but nothing has come of it and I could not find my previous post.

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