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avSave() action

Hi, I've just started learning how to use AV, and I'm playing with the supplied Fortran samples. I'm trying to understand how to control the dataset that gets stored by avSave(). In update.f90, if I insert
call avSave("zzz0.xml",status)
call avVisible(...)
i.e. before the loop with the avUpdate calls, and also insert
call avSave("zzz.xml",status)
after exiting the loop, I find to my surprise that zzz0.xml and zzz.xml are identical, although the data array M has been modified in the loop. My question is what determines which data get saved?

understanding CAV/IAV invokation during debugging

Especially given the presence of John R on this forum, I have a somewhat technical question - mainly for my own understanding but hopefully it would be useful in practice as well.

In order for CAV and IAV to function from the toolbar during debugging, it is (presumably) necessary for CVF/IVF to have the "inquiry" capability to get the address of a highlighted array in the debugger, and (probably) its type and dimensions. Then it can be sent to the CAV/IAV engines, etc.

Removing Corrupted Intel Array Visualizer Installation

I have a corrupted Intel Array Visualizer installation on a WinXP 64-bit machine. The removal option doesn't work, and neither do the modify/repair options. I even tried a reinstall (using, but I only get choices to repair or modify, neither of which fix the problem (they appear to fix the problem, but launching the program gives fatal errors).

how to setup "color map", "label axis", and "marker" in Intel Array Viewer 3.3?


I'm using Intel Visual Fortran 11.1with Intel ArrayViewer 3.3.

I can not get the "color map" and "label axis" to show up in the debugging environment.
My question is similar to the following post:

And "marker" can not show up in the "HeightPlot".....

Does anyone knowhow to solve these problems?
Or... is it possible to integrate the previous versions (e.g. v1.6) of Array Visualizer with IVF 11.1 ?

Thanks a lot.


quick way to disable array visualizer in VS 2005?

Since I got the array visualizer up and running with Intel Fortran and Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition, I have been having an awful lot of crashes when I start the debugger. I will initiate a debug run ("F5") and the entire development environment will disappear. When I restart visual studio, there seems to be no problem.
Either the code I'm writing since I installed the array visualizer is giving visual studio problems or the array visualizer is having problems.

Installation of Array Visualizer w/ IVF 11 and VS 2005 Partner Edition for the noob

I am a complete newbie in this field, but it looks like array visualizer will help me examine the contents of my arrays in the debugger when I'm debugging. I have found the instructions a little tough. I have not yet had the debugger integration working. I am starting this thread in order to collect the information I have, and eventually this will result in working steps that everyone can enjoy.

(sorry I have not posted credit to all of the individuals I have collected this information from)

System: Windows XP SP3, IVF 11 (FORTRAN), VS 2005 Premier Partner Edition

How do I get complete source code for AV?

I have been looking at the source code supplied in the download, and I see the code for the AvCRT and AvFRT libraries. Does this contain the source code for the Array Viewer application?

I have been looking at using AV for creating plots at the back end of my Fortran modeling code. I was able to start a watch on one of my arrays and open the viewer. When I tried to use the viewer to create plots I had great difficulty and useless results.

ActiveX Control AvGrid

I am working with the Intel Fortran 9.1 compiler in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Now I want to use the ActiveX Control AvGrid to display and edit some data located in a multidimensional array. Is it really unavoidable to write them to a (HDF5) file first (and read them back to the Dialog afterwards) ? Or exists a possibility to bind the AvGrid directly to the array ?

Getting Array Visualizer to Work with VS2008 and IVF11.0!!!

Ok. So there I was. Pulling what little hair I have left out trying to get Array Visualizer to work with Intel Visual Fortran. Lots of forums and searches and communications with the Fortran Dr. later, I think I got it. Beware, I am a beginner with Array Visualizer, and not much better with IVF, but that may be what some people are looking for. If I have mistakes, please correct me.

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