Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) SDK (Archived)

Intel will no longer be supporting the MCA development software

As of August 1, 2012, Intel will no longer be supporting the MCA development software. Although we continue to believe that the MCA maintains its status as a valuable tablet solution in the Healthcare environment, Intel will be focusing efforts on care collaboration and efficiency solutions to create an even greater pull for IA mobile devices.

Intel has provided the latest version of the code to the MCA solution providers to use and update as they choose going forward. You can contact the MCA tablet manufacturer directlyfor support going forward.

Intel MCA SDK and Java 7 compatibility?


after the Intel Software Network Support inadvertently deleted my post in the first place (no problem folks, thanks for the E-Mail!), here we go again:

My question is: Is the Intel MCA SDK and Platform Driver compatible with Java 7?

Recently, we had severe problems using MCA with Java 7. The same code worked fine with Java 6. I don't quite remember, but I think I read that MCA is not working with Java 7 yet? If this is right, any release date for the Java 7 language binding?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Wrong ScanType reported by plugin

When I scan a Code39 barcode with a Motion C5, the MCA is seeing the ScanType reported as "Other Bar Code" (2400) instead of "Code 39" (100).

D [2012-06-22 14:55:48.737] {S1-P3568-T4772} [BarcodeReader]
OnBarcodeCallback: Plugin Reported Type 'Unknown Bar Code', data

I have a feeling this is a problem with the firmware for the barcode scanner, and I will attempt to contact Motion Technical Support for advice. If I get a solution I'll report back. In the mean time, if you can see what's going on I'd be grateful for your help!

ntel MCA 3.1 Default Handler

Per the release notes update
The MCA Configuration Editor has been enhanced to make the default
handler configuration section easier to use. Default handler settings
are now divided into two groups. Global settings apply to the global
default handler. Application Specific Settings allow a much easier
method for adding applications and assigning custom settings for them.
In addition support for medApp button default handlers has been added.
Using executable files for default handlers is also easier to do. Simply

Some times Image quality loses after a few pictures...

I have used the to interface with the camera deviceon Panasonic tablet PC.

I have a windows form with a picture box. I reserve the device on creation of the form and each time I load the form Istart the preview in the picture box.
I have a button on the form and in its click event handler I capture frame and store the image in an in memory collection.
On dispose opf the form I release the device.

COM library version mismatch

Our application doesn't receive button clicks or barcodes when it runs on a Motion C5 with Windows 7 and version of the Platform Drivers. It works fine on a C5 with XP and version

I have tried building the application again with version [sic] (with the patch) of the SDK installed on my development PC, but I get the same result: the executable only works on the machine with the 2.0 PD.

The application is written in Delphi so it is necessary to create a Delphi type library from

Howto inject new Handler DLL into the config from Install/Setup(msi)


I have created a BarCodeReaderHandler and need some info on how to install it correctly.
I used the documented approach to get Registry variable(SOFTWARE\\Intel\\HelthcareSDK\\bindir),
and use that for the install path.
Next problem is how to "inject" our handler into the config ?
I can't just replace the config file and call it done(I found out by trying)...
I need a way to set our handler as the default from the install.....



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