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Intel compiler running CVF programs

We're anticipating the merging of Intel's Fortran compiler with CVF into a new compiler product due out sometime this year. Is there a name for this product yet, Intel Visual Fortran (IVF), perhaps?

If I remember correctly, Compaq promised Microsoft during the creation of CVF that CVF would support and run PowerStation FORTRAN programs. That was part of the deal that allowed Compaq to use the Developer Studio IDE for CVF.

vb fortran dl not talkingl

I am having trouble getting fortran talking to vb. I must be missing something. This runs then gets stuck in the fortran dll
VB won't let me put a(1,1) in the call statement
Anyone see what I am missing?
Option Explicit
Private Declare Sub ludcmp Lib "lu.dll" (array1() As Double, n1 As Integer, NP1 As Integer, indx1() As Integer)
ReDim a(1 To n, 1 To n) As Double
Call ludcmp(a(), n, NP, indx())

Include Files

I have re-done an old Fortran 77 program with several include files. When "building/compiling", the source subroutines are recognized but the include files are not being noticed. The files cannot be found even though they exist in the same directory as the source code. Is there a need to create an external files folder within the project where the include files are read? Or, is there another easier way? Please describe the methodology. Thanks.

Re: debug vs release

The following have helpt me to elliminate differences between debug and release results, and may help you too:
1- Use IMPLICIT NONE and declare all of your variables;
2- Initialize all variables, especially arrays;
3- Do not mix up REAL with REAL*8 and INTEGER in the same calculation;
4- Do use D (for double precision) with your constants if you declare the variables as double precision (e.g. X=0D0, Y=1D0 rather than X=0, Y=1 -- if X and Y are REAL*8);


I have been looking for a routine that will find all the occurrences of a file in a directory tree, but there are no QuickWin functions that are useful. At first I successfully used the DOS command

dir filename /b/l/s/o:n /a:-d >c:dirlist.txt'

called by SYSTEMQQ. This works well and with wildcards, but flashes up a DOS box whilst searching.

I then wrote a successful recursive routine FindFileinTree using the WIN APIs FindFirstFile and FindNextFile ? but I am still working on the wildcards side of it.

Old VAX Systems Calls

I have inherited an old VAX Fortran 77 legacy code that has 124 subroutines and over 50,000lines of code. There is, within the code, an old VAX system call used to obtain the accumulated CPU time The call is CALL SYS$GETJPI(....). My question is how do I obtain a similar routine in Visual Fortran without converting the entire program to a Fortran 90/95 standard? Any help would be appreciated.

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