2012 Intel Cup Embedded System Design Contest (Archived)

Using the GPIO in the FPGA to control actuators

Hi, I was wonderning if there are pins on the board which we can use as a GPIO? (General Purpose Input/Output) in order to control some actuators. Because as far as we know it is not possible on the board because there are no pins mapped for that purpose and the only GPIO pins are mapped to leds and switches.
If not, what do you suggest we can do? serial communication with another microcontroller to control the actuators?Best Regards,

h ??

.h#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include esdc2012-poky-src.h./poky/meta-intel/meta-esdc2012/recipes-kernel/zlg/saa7115/saa711x_regs.h./poky/meta-intel/meta-esdc2012/recipes-kernel/zlg/atse/atse.h./poky/meta-intel/meta-esdc2012/recipes-kernel/zlg/zlge6x5c-headers/zlg-e6x5c.h./poky/meta-esdc2012/recipes-kernel/zlg/saa7115/saa711x_regs.h./poky/meta-esdc2012/recipes-kernel/zlg/atse/atse.h./poky/meta-esdc2012/recipes-kernel/zlg/zlge6x5c-headers/zlg-e6x5c.h./poky/meta-intel/meta-esdc2012/recipes-kernel/zlg/saa7115/saa711x_regs.h./poky/me

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