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Why does the board appear the black screen when i install yocto?

Mr lu:
I install yocto from a usb disk which is a boot disk to another usb disk as a system disk ,when i select the install button, the screen is totally black.I know i should change the syslinux.cfg file,but i change it.For example KERNEL /vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=/initrd LABEL=install root=/dev/sdb vga=0x312

It can't also work. what do i do with it?

FAQ: how to enable the serial to get kernel booting messages

Yocto Linux running on the EDSC-2012 ZLG board doesn't output booting messages to the serial by default.

We can pass such kernel parameters to the kernel "earlyprintk=serial,0xE070,115200,keep
console=tty0 console=ttyPCH0 ignore_loglevel
(e.g., passing this to the syslinux loader -- this needs to modify the "APPEND ..." line inthe syslinux.cfg file) to enable the serial to output the messages.

This can be useful for debugging kernel module, too.

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