2011 Apprentice (Entry) Level Problems (Archived)

problem with install.sh

Trying to install linux fortran on Ubuntu 10.04. After installing software suggested in "Using Intel Compilers for Linux with Ubuntu" and extracting files from l_fcompxe_2011.8.273.tgz, then running ./install.sh in root, I get the following errors:
line 357: 1813 Illegal instruction $pset_engine_binary --tmp-dir=$user tmp --log-file=$strings_log_file --string_id="$strings_list" --_get_string_=$strings_file --LANG=$user_lang

line 358: /tmp/intel.pset.strings.root.sony: No such file or directory

Taming GetOpenFileName

I have a large number of directories that are numbered sequentially, and whose names I want to change using the SYSTEM command from within FORTRAN to invoke the REN command in the command line shell. I use GetOpenFileName as implemented in the code sample to get the names of the first and last directories in the sequence.

What extra skills required?

I am familiar with c/c++ coding ,system programming..including threads(pthread.h),semaphores
I have done decent programming on SPOJ and other sites.

In which direction ,Should i think .in order to solve the problem
do i have to execute different instances of recursion as individual threads. if yes how many maximum threads are allowed.?
i have seen some TBB code samples...it contains headers files not in ANSI C ,so in order to solve these problems, do i need those header files.?

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