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The Modern Code Developer program applies multi-level parallelism as the framework, that uses all of the parallel performance features available on modern hardware via vectorization, multi-threading, and multi-node optimizations. Explore how to deliver multi-level parallel algorithms that effectively scale forward for today’s and tomorrow’s hardware.

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 Intel is offering FREE online training, in collaboration with Colfax.

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The upcoming training will start September 7th and it includes free 3-week remote access to a Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi™ server.

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Multidimensional Transpose -- Prefetching


I have been investigating the performance of two multi-dimensional transpositions. Among
other things I have noticed that some transpositions take more time then other, despite
the fact that they move the same amount of data.

I ended up writing a small code-generator which generates vectorized (with AVX intrinsics)
code for a given transposition and all its possible loop orders (I made sure that icc is
not reordering the loops).

NAMD segmentation fault when running with mpirun(intel 2015)

I had compiled NAMD 2.10 using intel 2015 compiler suite. I saw the benchmark for intel MIC card , so i am trying to benchmark NAMD with host processor only configuration. Though the following seems to me application related issue , but as i have used intel compilers  , so i have posted this issue here.
Presently i am benchmarking the application on my system (CentOS 6.5 ,Xeon 2670 v3), though i will incrementally add optimization flags as per my architecture.

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