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Anticipated direction info for Media SDK 2015 for Linux Servers

In the spirit of open communication, we've assembled current plans for our 2015 Linux product. This includes some changes in supported Linux distributions and hardware.  

For more information please see the article below:

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EVR and H.264 Decoder


I use Intel Media SDK 2014 for Clients at Windows 7 x64.
I have been developing a DirectShow Filter for decoding H.264 video referring Media SDK sample codes (MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE_ANY).
The filter was connected to an EVR filter by a graph builder.
When the graph starts, video datas run through Source->Demux->Decoder filters .
But, E_NOINTERFACE error is occurred in the output pin within the decoder filter.

The E_NOINTERFACE is caused by QueryInterface() request  from EVR.dll to the decoder output pin.

Deploy Media Server CentOS

I am wanting to benchmark a Intel chipset for performance with MSSDK.  I have the MSSDK installed on my development laptop and decided to copy across the sample_decode_drm application to my test PC to use as the tool to benchmark performance.  I have installed the libva-1.3.1 RPM that is bundled with the MSSDK on the test PC and I can now launch sample_decode_drm however it fails when running:

Surface sharing between OPENCL and DirectX

I am working on Decode-OPENCL-Encode pipeline on intel processor. There is a sample code provide by intel for media interop.

If we look at the DecodeOneFrame() function below: 

    // decode next frame and put result to output surface
    mfxStatus CDecodingPipeline::DecodeOneFrame(int Width, int Height, IDirect3DSurface9 *pDstSurface, IDirect3DDevice9* pd3dDevice)

Media SDK Decode vs. FFMPEG Decode


I have been doing some performance testing with your encode and decode samples, and comparing results with the same operations done on the same system using FFMPEG.

Encoding is significantly faster - 4x that of FFMPEG, while only using 10% of the CPU.

Decoding - FFMPEG wins. Overall, it takes twice as long to do a decode using the Intel GPU as it does using FFMPEG. Would you have any ideas why that might be? I might guess that  the large amount of YUV data produced is bottlenecked returning from GPU to main data bus.

Does anyone know about this error?

Hi all, currently i'm having ciritical issue with using quick sync on linux system.

following information is the detail.

Hardware : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 v3

OS : CentOS 7 / 3.10.0- patched kernel from SDK R3 version )

It works well, but constantly getting warning which is logged at /var/log/message.


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