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OpenGL driver bugs - where to report?


I'm a developer for the game Sauerbraten. Recently I noticed the following bugs in the OpenGL driver while developing for Win 7 Pro/OpenGL (as of Intel's 10/23/12 driver release) on i7/3720QM with an HD 4000 IGP:

1) Merely trying to compile a GLSL shader that uses the GL_ARB_texture_rectangle extension which calls the texture2DRectProj(sampler, vec4) function causes the GLSL compiler to crash. Calling the vec3 form, or the textureProj() form that exists in later GLSL versions does not seem to cause the GLSL compiler to crash.

OpenCV Contour problem

I want to use OpenCV to convert a raster image to a vector based image my first step is to create a smooth outline of the objects in the image. To do this I use Cammy to find the edges and use FindContour to get the outline but the data I get from FindContours is jagged and rough. Also I am finding the FindContour is giving my broken and double contours I want to merge these contours. I thank the problem is with the setting  I want to used the data from FindContours to smooth the image data rather then has a pixalated image. I want to a polyline or a spline curve.

How can I get rid of lines of red dots horizontally across the monitor screen


I recently purchased a computer in Sep 2012. with an Intel i5 3570k processor (not over clocked) which has no additional graphics card and runs using the on board graphics HD 4000. I am sure there  is nothing wrong with the monitor or connection to the desktop pc. and the lines of red dots didn't appear immediately when I first had the pc. I wondered if they began to appear once I started updating my pc with the latest windows 7 updates (x64 bit). 

OpenGL Performance Issues

I'm having OpenGL performance issues in an application with the latest Sandybridge HD3000 hardware on Ubuntu 12.04. I've attached the glxinfo output and the Xorg log file for this system. I know this same code works on Windows, and OS X with the same chipset running OpenGL. The same code has also been tested and works on Ubuntu 10.04 with older G35 chipsets as well as other ATI and NVIDIA cards. However, the problem I'm seeing is that the performance will dramatically degrade over time until the Xorg process is taking up ~100% CPU.

Intel 945GM with NonEDIDMode no effect

Hi Experts,

I know this has been discussed since 2006 & believe me, i've read, read, read & tried, tried, tried. My Dell ST2320L monitor suddenly decided to stop giving out EDID data after my WinXP crashed. But the CI channel still works as I can still control the brightness & contrast. Just the DDC died. So I tried

Recommended fast texture streaming method for HD video?

I am working on real-time video software and would like to upload multiple HD resolution images to textures.

Ideally I'd like to load at least 4  streams at 1080p resolution, updating those textures at 30-60hz.  Due to the real-time nature of this software, low latency is also important.

What is the recommended way to do this in OpenGL?

My current system is an Intel i7 with Intel HD 3000 GPU.  So far, performance has been poor and using PBOs to modify textures has not improved performance.

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