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How to enable Intel HD Graphics 3000 to support HDMI deep color output?


I want to output 12bit per component, i.e. 36bit/pixel, from HDMI.

I checked registry and found DeepColorHDMIDisable is set to 0.

But I can only get 24bit/pixel from HDMI port.  What's missing?

I checked Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel but found no where to enable this feature.



How to acquire a NV12 data after decoding in H264?

Hi, All

I have a few quesetions during testing a sample decode in MSDK 2012.

1. when I output NV12 format after decoding in H264, the output result is good as like figure(No error.png).

but I rewrite the source as following:

    BYTE* pDec = new BYTE [pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropW * pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropH * 3 / 2];     

    memcpy( pDec, pmfxOutSurface->Data.Y, pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropW * pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropH); 

Using DVMT to distribute system memory to HD2000 Integrated graphics processor

Hi, I'm a master student study in Taiwan. I have a question about DVMT in intel i5-2400 with HD2000 processor:

My thesis is about GPU virtualization, I hope we can change the memory ownership by DVMT so that when we has to do context switch a GPU process, we need not to copy GPU memory out to main memory, instead of change the device memory ownership to main memory. And load another main memory segment to GPU as GPU memory.

SPEC benchmarks for Graphics

I am about to purchase a mid-end graphics card for my android game development and and to learn 3D modelling applications. And in future might be using for OpenGl programming purposes.
I am in a fix that which among the three I should consider Nvidia GTX 560,Nvidia Quadro 600, ATI AMD HD 6850
Basically I would like to enter the field of Graphics (Game Development),and App Development.
I am in a fix about deciding which graphics card to purchase wheather a Professional Card or a Gaming High End Card.

OpenGL glGenerateMipmapEXT(GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP); nothing to render Core i3-330UM

I am using glGenerateMipmapEXT() with the ARB version of cubemaps to generate the mipmap chain and works on AMD/Nvidia hardware but not Intel. I am having to use


to get around this bug...

So can anyone here tell me how to contact intel to post this bug?


intel hd4000 (upgrade my video card to one that supports video aceleration error)

I have a intel 3rd gen 3610 with a hd4000 gpu also a 675m gpu pci-e.

When i go to setup my tv threw wmc in the Digital cable adviser and run diagnostics it says to upgrade my video card to one that supports video aceleration and is defaulting to my hd4000. Then I go to my "manage 3d settings" for windows media center in the nvidia panel to try to change the default video adapter to use and it is locked and will not allow me to change it to my 675m as default.

Is there a trick to set my 675m as default for windows media center?

Recording Draw Calls

Using the R3 version of Graphics Performance Analyzer utility, is it possible to trace and record in a file Draw Calls through time as the graphical application I am testing is executing? My test system uses a Core i7 model 920 and an AMD/ATI HD 6990 in CrossfireX mode

Intel Graphics driver memory growth

We are developing our own digital signage software (DirectShow+VideoMixingRenderer+Overlay). Our customers using the Intel integrated Graphics realised, that the system runs out of memory after a couple of months. After analysing the problem with the poolmon tool from Microsoft, we have found that the memory is allocated by the pool tagged as "INTC", which is the pool of the Intel Graphics driver. Our application is restarted every day, but the driver consumes more and more memory - 1,6 Mbytes per day.

Does Ivy Bridge i7-3770 support DX11 command list?

I am not sure this is proper forum to submit my this question. If you know where, please refer to it. Thanks in advance.My system is Ivy Bridge i7-3770, Win7 64bit, Intel HD graphics 4000 (version, latest version from online). My application uses DX11 to render multiple video. After I created ID3D11Device, I checked D3D11_FEATURE_THREADING. The DriverConcurrentCreates of the feature is true but DriverCommandLists of the feature is false (which means all commandLists are excuted in software way). Do Ivy Bridge i7-3770 support DX11 command list?

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