Embree: Photo-Realistic Ray Tracing Kernels

Bug when inverting embree::OrthonormalSpace3f ?


I think I found a bug.
When calculating the inverse of an instance of embree::OrthonormalSpace3f via rcp(..) the resulting translation is wrong. I tracked down the problem to line 86 in common/math/affinespace.h:

  template<typename L> __forceinline AffineSpaceT<L>        rcp( const AffineSpaceT<L>& a ) { L il = rcp(a.l); return AffineSpaceT<L>(il,-il*a.p); }

Reload 3D Model to the existing scene

Hi Everyone,
I have developed an application which uses the method below to load and display a 3d model. Now when I reload the new 3d model using same method, then the application exits. Please someone guide me in this regards so I can reload the 3D model.Thanks.

g_device = Device::rtCreateDevice("default",g_numThreads);
g_pathTOECSFile = FileName(pathToECSFile);
g_pathToModelFile = g_pathTOECSFile.path() + getModelFileName(pathToECSFile);

rendering engine - material configuration


First, thanks so much for releasing such a powerfull library with such an easy to use API.

I have no experience at all with raytracers and despite all the warnings, so far I've found the rendering engine to be complete enough to achieve amazing results really fast. I made a little OpenFrameworks addon that allows to render OF geometries with the interactive renderer : https://github.com/kikko/ofxEmbree

AVX + Triangle8 slow

Hi All

Unfortunately I've no machine with AVX and can't debug. Users tell me that with AVX render time is in 3 times slower (bvh4 + triangle8) are used. If I set bvh4 + triangle4 then render time with AVX is approx same as SSSE3. Any hint/advice is very appreciated


Embree in Action

First I want to express our gratitude for the embree team at Intel for the great software they are making.

At SimLab Soft we utilized the power of embree in the new SimLab Composer 2014, and the result is a real time rendering capability that makes user happy. Following is a screen shot of the embree real time view inside SimLab Composer 2014.

Use world space?

Hi All

Is it make a sense to build embree accel structs in world space and convert rays/poinrs from camera to world before cast rays? Many scenes are built as "more aligned" in world space. so at least in theory a better data ballance/division can be  achieved. Did anyone try and what is an effect?


Handle SSE?

Hi All

I realize my question sounds naive, maybe it's well-known issue - but not for me ;-)

How should I handle SSE? We want to include Embree code into our app for different users, no way to know concrete kind of supported SSE on user's machine before app runs. Should we build a series of libs (one per each SSE kind) and use one in runtime? Or there are better/simple ways?


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