Embree: Photo-Realistic Ray Tracing Kernels

Intersection with Triangles Aligned in the Same Plane

Firstly, thanks for the great library! Really enjoying playing around with it so far.

I have a question related to how Embree handles triangles that are aligned (and overlapping) in the same plane. To illustrate this please refer to the 2D examples below. In case 1, one triangle mesh (b) is enclosed within another (a) and one side is aligned and overlapping. In case 2, the triangle meshes (a and b) are side by side but share a side.

bvh statistic

Is it possible to get the BVH statistics, like total levels, no. of bonding volumes generated, no. of bvh traversals, bvh traversals per ray etc. I am trying benchmark the performance of a few other algorithms.



Hi, first let me say thank you for such a state-of-the-art kernel for CPU, it is by far the best ever developed.

I'm trying to rotate an instance by setting the RTCMatrix parameter of rtcSetTransform but I can't seen to figure it out. I know it is an affine transformation matrix, but no matter what I do, it never rotate properly.

My question, is there an example available showing the members of the matrix used for rotation? I know you have a tutorial but it only set the matrix to the identity matrix and use the last members as a position change only, no rotation.

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