how can create two compound rigidbody?


I want to Create two rigidbody,and they like "compound body" , Relative position and rotation is locked and unchanged each other,so I can get their position and rotation in the world coordination. But I can not.

First,if use the compound  shape to create rigidbody,but can not get  position and rotation of every shape in compound rigidbody.

second,if use constraint to two rigidbody,but there is not named "static constraint"  in type of all constraints.

Unable to run my Havok Demo on release mode

Hi , 
  I am using havok physics 2012 for my c++ game engine . It is working on debug mode , however in spite of setting all libraries and references , it crashes in release mode . To be more precise , it crashes when I am assigning a hkpRigidBody with access violation error. I tried with release libs and also with release_dll libs. still error persists. My pre-processor directives are 


Getting posed bone list and sending it to OpenGL shader


I'm writing a model viewer for a game that uses the Havok engine to provide skeletal and animation playback features. Using the demo provided, I have successfully been able to load the serialized data, display the skeleton, and play back it's animation in the Visual Debugger. My next step is to attach the skeleton to the mesh (skinning) which is currently rendered in it's default pose.

Projecting decals onto hkpBvCompressedMeshShape


I'm attempting to project decals onto a mesh that is represented by the hkpBvCompressedMeshShape class, so I need to iterate through its triangles to finde the triangles that are overlapping the decal's volume area. I just have a few questions about the class functionality:

1. Do I simply use getChildShape() with getFirstKey() and getNextKey() within a loop to access triangles?

Max 2011+ 64x - Export Crash - Havok v. 2014-1-0

Hey to all,

I'm curious if anyone knew of a solution to my issue, where Max doesn't seem to be playing/working nice with the latest version of Havok in 64 bit.

Whenever I select my project and click on 'export' (even an empty scene), I get the following part highlighted in my script-caller:


Assine o Havok