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GPA: Can it be used stand-alone or with previous versions of MS Visual Studio?


We would like to test and analyze a DirectX 9 project using current Intel GPA.

The problem is that the project was developed with MS Visual Studio 2008, and we are having some troubles migrating the project to newer Visual Studio versions.

Will we still be able to install and use GPA? Or just simply INDE will not install and therefore GPA will not be available? Is there an standalone version of GPA as there was before?

Many thanks for your answers,

Manuel Perez de Lema Lopez

MPL3D Team


Can not analyze any apps - no errors.


I've been using the "Analyze Application" program to run a DX9 Windows game. I'm currently on Windows 10 and was previously on Windows 8.1. Previously, my older version of INDE worked fine on almost every program I needed, but since upgrading I have not been able to analyze any programs.

To be specific, if I launch the game I want, none of the charts/graphs or otherwise appear, and none of the short cuts seem to take effect. (Control + F1 does nothing either.) I have even tested on the example programs, the racing game and the other test program and similarly no luck.

Intel GPA with java and OpenGL

I figured it would be possible to use the Intel GPA along with the Graphics Frame Analyser for OpenGL to analyse an application built using a Java OpenGL wrapper like JOGL given it's usage with android but It wouldn't attach to it. Is this going to be something that is supported in future versions? Because I find it surprising that AMD's CodeXL allows me to use it and rather well with it's OpenGL metrics, but I would much prefer access to the extensive set of metrics the Intel version would bring to my Intel GPU.

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