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25 Feburary, 2014: New Version of Intel GPA released (Version 2014 R1)


The Intel GPA product team is pleased to announce the availability of an update to Intel GPA, available now from the Intel GPA Home Page (

Information about this release can be found here.

One key feature of this release is a beta release of a new tool, Intel GPA Frame Debugger, that can help debug OpenGL* ES Android* workloads on Intel phones and tablets.

How can I profile a game that's indirectly started by another process?

Is it possible to launch a program with GPA monitor turned by assigning a Windows console command for that app?

There are plenty of games, that do not allow you to run them via .exe file. Instead when launching the .exe, they first connect to some service (e. g. Origin/Steam) and then start/restart clean. That makes it impossible to profile them with GPA, and I am trying to find a way around this. A good example game is DOTA 2.

So is it possible?

GPA 2013 R4: How can I access old version of Platform Analyzer

I downloaded GPA with the express purpose of instrumenting my application with the itt api and using the platform analyzer to view the traces. It look like the current version of the GPA has crippled many of the tracing features and recommends using an older version of GPA. I will refer to this documentation page, . How can I get one of these older builds?

Why does power use *go up* when unplugging power cord?

I'm using Intel GPA on a Surface Pro 2 to measure power usage on an application and I've spotted something that I can't explain. If I (using the same power profile) unplug the power cord when profiling the power usage *goes up*. How is this possible? I'd expect power to remain the same, or maybe go down (in case there's some HW limitation kicking in when not plugged in), but for the Processor Package power usage to go up when the power cord is unplugged is deeply mysterious.

Can anyone explain what's going on? What should I use for comparisons, plugged or unplugged?

Question about DDS BC5s format

I know that intel GPA support DDS BC5s format,  but I dont know if there are a tool for read this file, because the common programs not support this format.

someone know a plugin or tool for read and convert a DDS file with this format to a readable DDS (DXT1 - DXT5)?


(Note: I know that I can export textures from GPA to other formats, but I need to know if is possible to export directly to DDS with BC5s format and read this file)

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