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How to capture multiple frames in succession and play back in GPA Frame Analyzer?

This is a novice level question.I have read the documentation many times but I just cant find the correct answer for it.

Further, how do I initiate the capture based keyboard commands, for ex. when I press Ctrl + A frame captures should start and

when I press Ctrl + S, GPA monitor should just stop capturing the frames.

After that, how do I play back the all the frames (back to back) in succession in GPA Frame analyzer?

Documentation provides no clues whatsover.

Any help will be appreciated.

how to show the shader source code in GPA or Nsight

i precompiled and saved all DX9 shaders into a BIN file which was loaded at runtime to avoid shader compiling .when i dragged the exe to GPA or Nsight i could only see the assembly which mad the debugging a little difficult.

Does any one know how to show hlsl in such debugging tools, should i compile the shader with some specific flag or function ??

Intel GPA Monitor crashes on start using Nvidia graphics (GPA 2013 R2/R3)


The latest version of Intel GPA (13.2_release_20083) crashes when starting the Monitor app. Older versions worked fine on my setup but I'm unsure whether it's an issue with newer graphics drivers, or me updating to the latest GPA version.
I can see the icon appearing in the taskbar with its notification pop-up with the IP address it's monitoring, and when I hover the icon it disappears. The application itself only stays alive for a second or two, then the process kills itself.

[Suggestion] add normalize visualization for textures


This is a suggestion to help debugging textures, rendertargets and depth buffers.

When working with R16G16B16A16 formats (or depth buffer) that large scales of values, It can be very common to have very low values, or values that are spreaded to a non viewable range (e.g. [-5, 10.0] or [0.0f, 0.005]) but it would be very very handy to have a way to just hit a checkbox on texture visualizer and have the texture visualized as renormalize values to [0.0, 1.0f]

bug: stencil CCW_STENCILFAIL displays incorrectly in state-view


I am seeing the stencil state D3DRS_CCW_STENCILFAIL displaying as D3DSTENCILOP_ZERO in the "State/Render States" view, even though it is in fact set, also confirmed by the "API Log" tab showing it set to D3DSTENCILOP_KEEP . See attached capture.

Kind regards,

Frame Analyzer doesn't support DX11.1 annotation blocks


I see that the frame analyzer supports the old DX9 way of perf blocks but it seems like it doesn't support the new DX11.1 way.

Using the old ones requires including the dx9 headers which I'm trying to avoid and so I'm using the new ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation interface.

Is there any chance to support this in the Frame Analyzer?

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