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Intel AMT unreachable after power off


I've been trying to solve an issue with AMT for couple of days and have nowhere to turn anymore, so I'm trying here. 

My problem is simple: After I turn OFF PC which has AMT configured AND AFTER OS has loaded (VMware ESXi), AMT becomes unreachable.
AMT is set up with Power Policies : Desktop: ON in S0, ME Wake in S3, S4-5 active.

If I power OFF system BEFORE OS has loaded, AMT is accessible after PC has been turned OFF.

How can I look up the AMT port IO port from windows COM3 port?

Hello all, I was told this was the place to ask this sort of thing.

I want to programmatically write debugging messages to the Intel AMT virtual/fake serial port from within Intel TXT. So I can't use the AMT library.

The port shows up as COM3 in Windows (the only COM port). Is there a way to look up what the port IO port should be so I can use assembly to talk over it? I know that historically, by convention serial port 3 was at port 0x3E8, but writing to that (or any of the other conventional serial port addresses) doesn't seem to produce any output on the listening side.

AMT SDK examples don't compile w/ VS 2008

What I want to use is VS 2010 on Windows 7. I noticed on the AMT SDK page it says there's a known issue that stuff won't compile on Win 7, so I'm trying on Win XP and VS 2008 to start with, since that appears to be closest to what this stuff was originally made with (it says the Redirection sample is VS 2005 project)

When I do the VS 2005->2008 conversion I get one warning on XP and a different one on Win 7. I'll post Win XP for now:

Intel Anti-Theft/ME backdoor question

We restrict some of our workstations from access the internet.
At network level router drops any packet with destination outside of LAN and generates warnings in log.
At OS level (windows workstations) we use low level driver blocking the same. It helps to keep router's logs empty of warnings, because Windows never sends anything to external IP. Also it's a trap for deep backdoors.

We are going to buy new workstations with Intel 7/8-series chipsets. Intel Ant-Theft settings will be default (not activated).
The question. Will we find in router's log any (even 1) connection attempt to internet (or DNS resolve requests) after year of use?

Configure Profile: Failed to read certificates from given files. Reason: File decryption failed.

I am new to vPro and want to package something to remotely configure workstations at my work.

I have used SCS to create a .XML file that I have used successfully to configure a machine with the ACUCONFIG.exe tool. My goal is to allow the use of VNC plus to remotely control an enabled machine. VNC plus will connect to my machine with no encryption. I now want to make encryption work.

Project plan optimization

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AMT vPro on Linux

Hi all!

I decided to use Linux for all my company's computers but I'm having trouble with Intel's AMT vPro.

Other users from various forums advised me to use HECI driver but I found out that it stopped working a couple of years ago...

What should I do to make Intel HECI/AMT/VPro work on Linux?

Thank you! 

Kerberos and AD integration, cannot access Web interface.. desperate for help

Hi there,

I have enabled AD integration on our vPro hosts with the mindset of assigning admin priviledges to the IT team.

Now, using Intel Managability commander tool, and Real VNC Plus, I can authenticate great to the KVM stuff and the SOL interface, no pop ups, just straight through (with VNC+ anyway)

However, when trying to browse the web interface, NOTHING works...! This is from a Workstation running W7 SP1, and IE10... Tried other browers like Chrome, Firefox etc and its just the same.

AMT meets bootloader pre-boot authentification requirements


I asked the following question in the Intel vPro Expert Center Community, where I get the advise to ask the question again in this community for maybe a more detailed answer. So here is the question: 

I'm struggling with the following problem for several days now.

intel IPMI fails. Is there any workaround for this problem?



Please review our problem described below. We’re trying to use IPMI for computers that have this capability. We have a machine with Intel Server Board S1200BTL with a possibility to connect via RMM4. We’re trying to work with its motherboard remotely. We access the web interface via http://ipaddress/ and an Integrated BMC Web Console is opened. The following information’s present:


System Information:

Host Power Status :

Host is currently ON

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