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How to use PCM on Windows 8?


My system is Win 8.1 Pro. I download the Intel PCM 2.8 and run the "build_all.bat". So all are built.

But when I run the PCM.exe in PCM_Win\Debug, it lacks winring0.dll and winring0.sys. 

I wonder where I can get them?

I read WINDOWS_HOWTO.rtf file and it suggests me to compile the WinMSRDriver dir. But that dir only contains Win7 and WinXP. If my OS is Win 8.1, what should I do?


Thanks! Hope for your reply.

Good ballpark figures for front end and back end bound

Could someone please shed some light on what good ball park figures are for the front and back end bound metrics obtained via VTune, below are the formulae I've managed to obtain for the CPU KPI, if I have interpretted these correctly, Back end bound should be as close to zero as possible as should front end bound, however, what are practical values for these figures - good rough ball parks, also is my interpretation of these correct.


Front end bound ( smaller is better ? ) = IDQ_NOT_DELIVERED.CORE / (4 * Clock ticks)

User programmable DMA controller in the system with Xeon E3-1275v3 and C226 PCH?

We are using Xeon E3-1275v3 and  C226 PCH on our board. I am aware that this system does not support I/OAT or NetDMA.


Is there any user programmable DMA controller?


We want to perform DMA transfers from the main memory (source) to PCIe devices (destination).

Note: PCIe devices do not have DMA controller. PCIe device (destination) can be either PCIe BAR in endpoint or multicast BAR residing inside PCIe switch.

Slower code execution if compiled with Intel Parallel studio

Hi, everyone,

I've just got intel parallel studio 2015 compiler and I'm trying to compile the code, that I previously compiled using Apple LLVM 6.0 compiler under xCode 6.0. I did not do any changes to build options except that I changed the compiler. Surprisingly execution time has increased 2.5 times after that. 

I'm having macbook pro with intel i7 running OSX 10.10. The main part of the program is working with vector data type.

i5 Haswell power limitting registers


I have a system based on i5-4300Y SoC I am trying to remove the 6W SDP limit. I had some success using undocumented registers in MCH namely PKG_POWER_LIMIT_LO @ 0x59a0 and PKG_POWER_LIMIT_HI @ 0x59a4. But the changes to this register are not reflected until I put the device to sleep and wake it up again, why ? Do I need to modify some other registers ? None of the lock bits is set.

You don't have to give me documentation to the register, just a single line of code that will make the changes reflected would be enough.


Thank you !

Triggering Of a method 2 times In Intel i7 Processors

Hello All,

I have a very peculiar behavior while using .NET Framework 4.0. I have developed a module to send SMS,A Windows Service that triggers every 1 minute to send any SMS present in the Database using a HTTP API URL. I am Using a method from WebRequest class Webrequest.Create() using that I send my SMS.The issue arises when I deploy this in "Intel Core i7-4770", Based on the web-logs of the Server there seems to have 2 request in the interval of 1 minute. The Same Service When Deployed in "Intel Core 2 Duo E7500" Works Normally triggering 1 Web Request per minute.

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