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PTU can't determine my processor

I also get this error. I just installed PTU 3.2 with vTune 9.1 on W2K8-R2 with NehalemEx CPUs.
The installation instructions said to NOT replace sepdrv.sys with the one in the PTU directory when running this version of vTune.

I get a slightly different error when running: sep -el -info 4

Events Manager could not be initialized...Check to make sure the appropriate Events XML files are in your system path


Next I tried: vtsarun -el -v

ERROR: No memory (26)

Just installed VTune DCOM on an i7 system running Ubuntu 10.4b1 32 bit, which I realize is unsupported... But just wondering if I've done something dumb/obvious to get this error.

When I try the "First Use" wizard on anything, including the vtunedemo, I get:

VTUNE build error on SLES11

Hi guys,

I am currently using the SGI Altix 4700 system running on Itanium 2 and the OS is SLES11. The proble m is that vtune does not support the SLES11 kernel hence I need to build the driver for this platform. I followed the HO WTO-BUILD-VTUNE-DRIVER manual and executed the following:


and the following is the error message:

VTune Depth Problem


I must have missed something - I am trying to get the depth to go to more than 5 when analysing a C++ project. In the Configure Options I've tried both:

  • Record complete callstack and
  • Record using dbghlp ... max levels [25]

No matter what I can't get more than five levels, otherwise the data gathered is great, but I need to go lower!

Suggestions please!

VTune display nothing when I run vtl view a1::r1

I got some very strange errors with Intel Vtune utilities. I have run:

vtl activity -c callgraph -c sampling -app ./vtunedemo -moi ./vtunedemo run

to collect data. And,

$ vtl show
VTune Performance Environment
Copyright (C) 2000-2005 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
r1___Wed Feb 10 16:25:52 2010


PTU vtssview usage question


I'm using vtssrun with vtssview to analyze my code's performance. I run vtssrun as follows:

vtssrun ProfDir -i 1 -- -v 1

I then run vtssview as follows:

vtssview ProfDir -p > prof.flat.txt

prof.flat.txt then looks like

Intel Performance Tuning Utility version 3.2 Update 1
Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved

PTU license issue

I bought a license for Vtune performance Analyzer for Linux, Version 9 recently. I also downloaded the accompanying Performance Tuning Utility, PTU 3.2. I installed the VTune performance analyzer and the PTU. However, when I try to use the PTU, I get following error:

Error: A license for PerfAnl could not be obtained.

Your license is not current enough to allow you to use this
newer version of our software. Usually this occurs because
your support services license expired before we created this

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