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InputSystem with MultiTouch ( WM_TOUCH )

Hello, everybody!
We keep on working on the Smoke improvements and extensions.
This time we're trying to implement an InputSystem capable of reading Windows Messages, and especially WM_TOUCH messages.
The original code of the Smoke contains PeekMessage calls implemented twice: inside Framework's PlatformManager and SystemGraphicsOgre.
How do we implement that inside InputSystem?
We have tried calling PeekMessage, but the WM_TOUCH events do not appear there. They also don't appear in PlatformManager. They arrive at SystemGraphics.

Visual Studio 2008

Thanks for this great framework/demo! This is the first resource related to full multithreaded gaming applications that I have managed to discover.
Though I realise it's aligned to Visual Studio 2005.
What are the necessary steps and the order to compile the project under Visual Studio 2008?
Anyone who has ported Smoke to any other IDE than Visual Studio 2005, would you like to share your path?
Thanks! :)
Meanwhile I will try to compile Smoke using TBB sources downloaded from

Interactivity works well with Xbox 360 controller...where is the functionality for this implemented?

Thanks for the great demo, the performance in 1920x1080 on my system (Core i7, ATI4870) is fantastic. Interactivity works well with Xbox 360 controller...where is the functionality for this implemented? I dont see anything in Input.sdf - I'd like to try and map the water hose function to a button on the controller.

ultra hi-frequency stock market trading?


anybody use this kind of thing for ultra hi-frequency stock market trading? might sound silly, i don't know...???? is the messaging faster that FIX 5.0 or FAST 1.2 protocols? Is the AI somehow more integrated or enhanced for statistical learning than compteing technologies??

how fast and reliable is the concurrency? vs. erlang level robustness? vs CUDA or Cilk++ speed? how many porcessors are needed before the distribution cost is outweighed by the speed advantage? More than 4, or in the hundreds?

great demo and gdc09 videos

Really good stuff. Thanks for the GDC09 videos, very nice/fun and illustrative.

I have yet to do anything with Smoke because i don't have a proper CPU that can take advantage of the threading features, i am on a dual core CPU. However i have read the articles, seen the videos and looked at the code, they gave me a few ideas that perhaps i will implement in a entry for the Level Up 2009 competition ;)

implement some generic 3D interaction techniques in Smoke

Hello Orion,

Were evaluating how easy would be to implement some generic 3D interaction techniques in Smoke, and we wonder if you could point to us some generic information before we start our development. We have as reference the interaction techniques mentioned in "3D User Interfaces. Theory and Practice", from Bowman, Kruijff, LaViola, and Poupyrev. Could you please answer the following questions with a number between 1 and 9 (1 for difficult, 9 for easy) and a short comment.

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