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LVLUP 2010 Questions

I have a questions about my pending entry for LVLUP 2010. My team and I are currently developing a game that we'd like to submit this year, but I'm wondering what the competition's policies are regarding content? As the writer, I can tell you that there is nothing overly offensive, but we're definitely not reinventing pong over here. There is some mature language (roughly on par with Mass Effect 1 or pretty much anything Blizzard has put out in the past 20 years), but nothing too bad, I promise.

Demo version versus Full version - Netbook category


Looking for clarification on the contest rules concerning demo submission for the finalists.

Excerpt fromthe Contest Rules for the Netbook Category:

"Finalist entries competing in the Best Game for a Netbook category will be required to ...complete the validation process outlined in the Intel AppUp center ...to submit a market-ready application for validation. ...Entries completing the validation process will also be able to sell their applications in the Intel AppUp store after the winning entries are announced."

Excerpt from the FAQ:


Its kind of strange that, after I submitted my entry for another category (best desktop game). My old entry (best laptop game) disappeared?! Intel should really make some effort to make the entry submitting process (and also the page with the entries) a little bit more intuitive and easy to use for the future.

how to link screenys/videos with your entry?

Hi everybody;

First: Thx Intel for such a great competition :-) only the page is a little bit difficult to navigate -.-

I just added my project to the contest and did some screenys of it;
My question:
How to link the gameentry with screenys and videos?

For now I just created a filder in my profile and commented my own project
Don't know if that's the right way?

Hardware specs and enty requirement questions


I have some questions regarding the contest.

I wrote on the Facebook fan site but unfortunately I didnt get any answers


So the first question is about the hardware specification. Can you tell me

more about the hardware specs of the Laptop, on which the games will be


And the second is about the best desktop game category. Does an entry in

this category absolutely need to support a resolution up to 1920x1200? My

entry have fixed resolution, because of a gameplay related decision and I

Casual game for Competition ?

Hey, guys I was working on idea, and just going through the page, and I found that judge's choice award include casual game also.but in the main category they want high level programming which can be shown by AA or AAA type 3D title. (In most of the cases).I have a experience on making of casual game.So, can any one specify question likeGame must be in 2D or 3D?Casual title is allowed or not?Is itnecessary that you have high level ofthreading, physics , AI or Fun part will be preferable?waiting for reply.best of luck to all, forcompetition...Thanks and Regards,Kunjan.

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