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Request intel academic licences

Dear sir,

I am from academia and I teach HPC programming, I requested academic licences from Intel website to use their compilers and libraries since one month before. I did not receive any answer yet. However I received an email from intel asking me to write a survey about my usage of the tools. Is everything OK with this situation ?



New course for Academia on IoT using Galileo and Edison



A quick message to inform you of a new course on IoT using Intel Edison, focusing on command line on the board itself, with a ssh connection over the network.


There's a youtube playlist for videos, and github for codes.


I'll post more project case studies in the next weeks.



Im looking into computer software courses and was wondering what qualifications (GCSEs, A Levels etc) a software company would require a person to have on their CV/Resume.
Thank you


Hi all


I want your help , that how I can interfacing DAC0830 with 8086 microprocessor ?

I have the block diagram,But my project should include all things that I have to connect between them !


block diagram

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