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Universal open-source automation starts to raise academic interest


I would like to deeper understand Intel's take on academic world. I personally see common interests in future mobile and even more to the embedded development including multi-core and parallel programming, because of the opened possibilities that our R&D happened to discover.

We discovered very practical way to make universal open-source software development automation and are about to polish it into mainstream practical way to develop software applications and their back-end systems.

Intel ATOM based Embedded application examples

I am proposing a course on Embedded application development with ATOM processor for the undergraduate engineering students of computer science at their 6th semester level in my University. We have kits with Intel E6xx series processor which can be booted from Fedora linux. I wish tohave a list of some simple programming exercises which a student can takeup and solve on these kits using C/C++ compliersand get to know the "salient features of ATOM based processor and its usefullness in the embedded application development". I will be greatful, if someone can help me in this regard.

Increasing SpeedUp, reducing overheads, Intel Fortran, OpenMP

Hi guys, thank
you very much to all who is running and contributing to this forum.

I would be
glad if anyone can provide me non-general
advice how to increase speed up or reduce overheads
of for software which
Im trying to parallelize.

For my
dissertation thesis Im developing software to predict dam inflow. Because
calibration it is time demanding I would like to reduce that, by distribution
to more cores. For this purpose Ive chose Intel
Fortran and OpenMP

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