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Software for timing a program

I have realized that I spend a lot of time running my program (obviously through shell or python scripts), collecting data, and then analyzing the collected data. This involves running the program a multiple times, taking the average of reported times, and storing the data in a spreadsheet followed by applying aggregation operators etc., to get the results of interest. Finally, these results are exported to prepare Charts and Tables.

Intel particle diffusion wave processor and nano pixel

The current processors developed are Particle processors which uses the logic of AND andOR gates. Is it possible to build Particle diffussion wave processors using wave mechanics. One constraint it will have is the processors should have to comprehend the Universal time mechanics. This will help conquer the Time space
challenges of particle physics.

Intel IPP Webinar Announcements -- Please Read

Intel IPP Webinar Announcements -- Please Read

October 26, 2010

Super Charge Applications with Intel Integrated Performance Primitives A Component of Intel Parallel Studio 2011

The Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) library is an extensive library of multicore-ready, highly optimized software functions for digital media and data-processing applications that is available as a component of Intel Parallel Studio 2011 and Intel Parallel Composer 2011.

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SC10 Student Programming Contest

I was just talking to the organizer of the SC10 student competition and they're still looking for teams to compete.
Some exciting new additions to this year's competition-- one of which is the inclusion of the Intel Manycore Testing Lab-- and the head of the Lab, Dr. Mike Pearce will be onsite in New Orlean's to work with the students!

Create arrays or vectors as I want in Ifort Linux

Hi all,

I'm new in Ifort and I have a little problem with a code, maybe it's a simple problem, who knows but I don't know resolve...

I have a vector with nn data. I need to separate the vector in mm smalls vectors depending of one condition (I know how do that!).
I want that if I change the value of mm the code makes the mm vectors automatically, the problem is I can't image how define the vectors without changing the code structure each time.... Thanks a lot for the help!

Designing a course on parallel medical imaging


a colleague of mine in Germany and I are currently designing a course on parallel processing in medical imaging / image reconstruction. We are just in the planning phase right now. So feedback on our thoughts would be highly appreciated.

As we plan to post the resulting course material here as well, we are wondering whether this forum is the right place to develop the course material.

We will probably lead the discussion on what to include and where to set the focus of the course right here in this thread. Or would anyone recommend a better solution?

Summer Courses, where to find them?

Hi there,I've got my BA in Computing Engineering (most software and a bit of hardware) last year and was looking on 1 to 4 week classes to improve my parallelism skills.During my graduation I had lots of low-level parallelism (caching, pipelining, reorder buffers and etc) but almost none on high level threading and alike).

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